“Florida Citrus 467-1” Mastrangelo’s Creation for Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday Exhibit: “Florida Grown.”

“Florida Grown:”  when I heard the exhibition title, I did not think my manhole art theme could fit in.  When Googling Florida Grown, so much came up about oranges and Florida Citrus, that I knew I had to add oranges to my water cover creation.  Also needed would be light (sun), water (raindrops), soil and seeds.

For “Sunlight” I installed a fluorescent bulb and began testing colors on my foam form.

Inserting the Light, Painting the Background

Four pieces of an empty orange crate worked well for the sides. Number five crate end was cut in half and reversed for the top and bottom.

Wooden Crate Pieces Enhance the Outside

Fresh oranges from the market place were my guide for carving. Next the styrofoam balls had to be “Frosted” with Smooth Finish paintable coating.

Preparing to Carve Oranges

Preparing to Carve Oranges

I added the stem bits from real oranges and began saving citrus seeds.

Oranges, Seed Holders and First Raindrops

Oranges, Seed Holders and First Raindrops

What to use for seed holders?  I ordered test tubes, but they did not work… too long.  You will never believe what functioned as seed holders! Al took apart the components from two spring loaded toilet tissue rollers. Ah the depths one will traverse for “Manhole Art!”

Design the Water Cover

Design the Water Cover

A quick paper cut out helped me in planning the lighting pattern. Yes, Artists do use Mathematics.  The protractor was used to divide the degrees for openings to let the light shine through the Water Covers.

Cut the Openings

Cut the Openings

Color the Cover

Color the Cover







Japanese Ink float Paper was perfect for the back of the water cover.  A few coats of  gloss medium made the paper translucent. Glass Raindrops replaced the foam drops,appearing more authentic for water drops.

To be continued…

Water Waves Paper Backing

Water Waves Paper Backing

Japanese Ink Float Paper

Japanese Ink Float Paper

This is a sample of Japanese Ink Float paper created by Paper Maker, Marilyn Wold. It was perfect for the back of my water cover. Coatings of glass medium made the paper translucent.
 OrangeCrate1 OrangeCrate2
Replacing the foam drops with glass water drops.  Holes were cut through all the chambers, to allow light to shine down on the water drops and oranges. The Tubes on the right contain soil and seeds.  Don’t the oranges look real?
OrangeViewL OrangeViewR

Florida Citrus 467-1

(view from the left)

Florida Citrus Letters are painted in graded tones of Citrus Yellow and Orange.  Palm Trees add the tropical dimension.

Note the use of wooden market crate pieces in their natural state.  The knot hole is backed with translucent paper to emit light.
“Florida Citrus 467-1” is being exhibited at The Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday Exhibition on April 2nd 2015.
The exhibition theme is “Florida Grown.” The  art work is juried from the membership of Florida Artists Registry.  http://floridaartistsregistry.com/

“Florida Citrus 467-1” (front view)

10 Responses to ““Florida Citrus 467-1” Mastrangelo’s Creation for Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday Exhibit: “Florida Grown.””

  1. Terry Roderick of SoundBurst Quartet Says:

    Looks “grate” Bobbi.
    Best of luck in the exhibition
    We think you are a winner with this unique and colorful art creation.

    Terry and Dee

  2. Idalia Pons Veleza Says:

    Grate job, Bobbi!!!
    Idalia Pons Velez
    Your Solivita Neighbor

  3. Susan Raff of A Novel Group Book Club Says:

    Good luck
    I can’t make it
    We have plans
    So sorry to miss a shining moment in your life
    Susan and Howard Raff

  4. Fred Betschen Says:

    Very impressive. Congratulations on another great Gratework!

    Your Brother
    Fred Betschen

  5. James & Jackie Pons Says:

    Awesome piece!!! Creative and very Florida like. Congratulations on another masterpiece creation.

  6. Roseline Collins Says:


    Your skill and endless imagination resulted with your being able to incorporate the unique “manhole art theme” into the call for “Florida Grown”. It’s most impressive the way you brought all sorts of ideas and resources together to offer an interesting and admirable piece of artwork; and, it is indeed a complement to the exhibition.

    Kindest regards. May you hear of many compliments on your indefatigable hard work and skill!


  7. Shirley Lloyd Says:

    To my “always creative cousin,” what terrific ideas went into this art work!

  8. Deb Roach Says:

    Thanks Bobbi for showing me the spirited finished product.
    It is truly eye catching! I bet you will get many comments.
    Your friend,
    Deb from Ohio

  9. Steven Monser Says:

    I am so glad that the glass water drops worked out for you.
    I tried to make them unique, but realistic and to your specs.

    It was grate seeing your terrific art work at the Orlando Museum’s 1st Thursday and also meeting you. Your creative art really added to the event. Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next.
    Steven Monser,
    Lake Mary FL

  10. Bobbi Mastrangelo regarding Steve Monser's comment Says:

    To Steve Monser,

    Your glass water drops truly enhanced “Florida Citrus 467-1.”
    Thanks for creating them to my exact specifications. I highly recommend your glass blowing and glass forming skills.

    “Grate Wishes!” for continued success at your glass studio.
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

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