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If We Only Have Love, We Can Melt all the Guns

My Wish for 2008 is for Love, Understanding and Peace Among Nations of Our World.  My husand Al and I sang “If We Only Have Love” with the Solivita  “Guys and Dolls Chorus” in their December 2007 Concert. One verse from Jacques Brel’s “If We Only Have Love” brought to mind a recycling project I had read about a […]

General Story Behind the Art

Prayer for the Indian Iron Worker

Barefoot, tramping in hot black sand, shirtless, gleaming with sweat,  the ironworkers stand by with giant ladles to catch the molten iron spewing from the flaming furnace. The outside temperature may rise to 100 degrees.  Inside, under the gritty tin-roofed foundry in India, employees endure the additional, intense heat radiating from the furnace.  Hundreds of […]

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Why Manhole Covers? (instead of portraits or landscapes?)

The question most people ask is “Why did you ever pick such a ridiculous theme?”  Some people even shake their heads when they think about the mundane iron covers we all walk over. Well it all began when I was a Mom going back to college to study art. I experimented in every style and […]