Q and A With A “Grate” Artist: Today and Tonight Magazine: May 2015

Bobbi happyBobbi Mastrangelo and “When the People Care” (mixed media)

Q & A with a “Grate” Artist

Mary Joye interviewed Bobbi Mastrangelo about her unusual art theme of manhole covers and water covers. The author had recently photographed the decorative  water meter covers in New Orleans Louisiana, and was delighted to discover another soul who found beauty in manhole covers.

The complete article appeared on page 39 of the May issue of Today and Tonight Magazine published in Polk County. Several photos of Bobbi’s art and her manhole cover poem “Ode to Karl Shapiro” are included in the publication. Scroll to page 39 of the May edition to read the article: http://issuu.com/todayandtonight/docs/today___tonight_magazine_0515/39?e=7118698/12712714

Today & Tonight Magazine, edited by Chris Douglas is recognized as Polk County’s premier dining , entertainment and Lifestyle Resource. http://www.todayandtonight.com/

2 thoughts on “Q and A With A “Grate” Artist: Today and Tonight Magazine: May 2015

  1. Thank you for the link to the article I wrote about you.
    Your artwork is great. You also give great quotes.
    I love manhole covers and grates. In New Orleans I took tons of pictures of them! So I appreciate what you do.
    Mary Joye, LMHC

  2. Great article in our Solitiva Reflections about Today and Tonight.. You look grate!!!!

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