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2015 NPCW “The City Beautiful” (Orlando, Florida) by Bobbi Mastrangelo

The City Beautiful

NPCW 2015 “The City Beautiful”

“The City Beautiful is the third of my Florida Post Cards Trio for NPCW.  Orlando, The Theme Park Capital of the World, and one of our most visited cities, appealed to me for its dedication to the Arts.

Orlando’s impressive City Hall houses two public art galleries. The Terrace Gallery features national and international artists and collections, as well as Florida artists of renown. The Mayor’s 3rd Floor Gallery is specifically dedicated to Central Florida artists. Supported by private philanthropy, See Art Orlando is the permanent installation of nine contemporary public art sculptures in Downtown Orlando.

During the summer of 2014, my art was displayed on the third floor Mayor’s Gallery at City Hall with all the winners of Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Exhibition: “Best of the Best” 

The beautiful circular gallery space was impressive. The colorful City Logo posted next to the Mayor” Door inspired me. The actual city logo-manhole cover out on the streets is not colored, just plain rust-toned. So, influenced by “The City Beautiful” and the colorful Japanese Manhole Covers, I created my first manhole cover sculpture in color and posted the image on my 2015 NPCW Post Card.

National Post Card Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of May. Since 1991, I have been a participant, sending out a post card that is usually based on one of my manhole cover relief works.  Here is The Mastrangelo National Post Card Week Collection on Pinterest :

I exchange post cards with over 130 post card pen pals and save their creations in binder notebooks. Demaris Swint has posted the 2015 post cards for  National Post Card Week on this site:


23 replies on “2015 NPCW “The City Beautiful” (Orlando, Florida) by Bobbi Mastrangelo”

Can’t wait to get your Manhole Cover Post Card.
Mine are of the Ohio River and The Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.
Betty Kacirek
Parma Ohio

Hi Bobbi,
Always enjoy getting your post card and as usual, It’s awesome.
Best to you!
Karin Gilbert
NPCW Pen Pal from AZ

It really is ironic. I was just getting ready to write you a thank you note for your National Postcard Week Card. I checked my e-mail first. Lo & behold, an e-mail from you. The explanation about this year’s card was interesting.
I’m sorry this is the second year without my making a card. I guess I just don’t feel like doing a card myself. I miss Rick Hagford who drew my card designs.
Is there anything I can send you for your NPCW card? I really enjoy your art work. I have all your cards beginning in 1991. You probably have all of mine from 1995 with the outhouse theme. Let me know if you are missing any.
Take care.
Stratford CT

I was delighted to receive three copies of your new postcards – a delight, or rather three delights! Thank you so much. I shall send one of the ‘unused’ ones back to the US to my grandson in New York where he and his wife are expecting our first great-grandchild.
I am so pleased to see that you are still producing your inspired items and I have refreshed myself with your ‘grate’ Website which is so interesting.

Take care yourself and thank you again for thinking of me.
Every good wish
Pat (Holton) England

Dear Eileen,
Yes I agree that Rick Hagford designed fantastic post cards for you, both clever and humorous. We all miss him and his cartoon skills.
I would appreciate any of the following post cards 1995, 2001 Hawaii, 2004 with the RR and 2008 with the Politicians’ Outhouse above the Voters’ Outhouse. I found the latter amusing and provocative.
“Grate Wishes” for a splendid Summer!
Your NPCW Pen Pal
Bobbi Mastrangelo
Central FL

Thank you for your colorful cards of manhole covers for National Post Card Week. What an attractive cover! We do not have anything like that in England.
We do not celebrate NPCW in England any more.
I have enclosed three post cards of Gold Pillar Boxes. Royal Mail had more than 100 of our iconic red public mail boxes painted Gold to celebrate Great Britain’s Gold Medal Winners at the 2012 Olympics in London. With my husband’s help, I published two photo cards featuring the Gold Pillar Boxes (Public Mail Boxes)

All the Best
Rosalind and Colin Wicks
Malton Yorkshire UK

Nice Card, Bobbi,
This is the 12th Year that I have sent a
Light House Post Card from my original photos.
Earl Bucken
NPCW Pen Pal from FL

I have already received tons of post cards for NPCW 2015.
It’s so Cool to open the mailbox filled with cards.
Kinda makes my day.
Jane Hepner
Pittsburgh First Series for NPCW

Demaris Swint has been a huge influence on NPCW .
She inherited boxes of cards from every year
since the beginning.
She gathers the list of participants every year
to help keep NPCW alive.
She built a website just for the hobby from
this year’s post cards back to day one.
And now she publishes the annual directory.
That is just a small part of what she does for us.
I thought she deserved a little recognition.
Jane Hepner
NPCW Pen Pal from PA

Dear Jane Hepner,
Bless you for giving the long deserved recognition to Demaris Swint for being at the helm and promoting our National Post Card Week Hobby.
I also hope all the NPCW Pen Pals are sending monetary donations to help support The NPCW Web Site that Demaris hosts for our benefit.
Happy Post Card Collecting.
Bobbi Mastrangelo: Florida

Love your Covers!
Wishing you a post card week every week.
Susan Lane
Taconic PostCard Club

You continue to amaze!!!
Thank you for the “The City Beautiful” Post Cards.
Keep up the great work and wonderful attitude.
Chief of Staff
Office of Mayor Buddy Dyer
Orlando Florida

Hi Bobbi,
What a beautiful Orlando Grate Cover.
Thank you.
Best Wishes to you always.
God Bless,
Lorene Swank
Cat Painting for NPCW 2015

Judy and I enjoyed your post card. Good to receive your grate wishes and view your City of Orlando, Florida, the City Beautiful. Judy and I hope to travel down to Florida this March and perhaps we can go out to dinner together. Send our very best to Al.
Love, J & P

Cannot WAIT to receive more of your GRATE cards!

Dan Lane
Graphic Designer at Campbell Foundry

Dear Bobbi,
Although I always had faith in your commitment as well as your talent, I congratulate you for your continued success and beautiful works.
I never saw such a beautiful grate as what you did for The Orlando Grate. I am so happy for you.
Love to you and Al,
Linda de Bottari

Dear Bobbi,
Thank you so much for “The City Beautiful” Post Card.
I will cherish it always. I was fortunate to have made
your acquaintance during our St. James, NY Days and I have been following your accomplishments through our Retirement Newsletter.

When I showed my son, Gary, your artistic post card,
he was very impressed.
Good luck now and forever.
Remain, happy, healthy and creative.

P.S. sui generis A person of thing that is unique, in a class alone.”She is an original artist: each of her paintings is “sui generis.” From Latin meaning: “of its own kind.”

You are so driven ..and creative..
I have been the happy recipient of your wonderful signed postcards.

Most of all I love how you want to know everyones names…so when we speak about our friends and families, you know who they are..

If I never moved to Solivita, I never would have met you and Al, and that would be a loss..Happy and Healthy life to you and yours..

Susan Raff

Thank you Bobbi,
For the nice original work postcard, “The City Beautiful” commenting on my paintings exhibited at the Riviera Spa. Kind words.
I love your work, the texture, colors, and subject are a very unique niche. Sometime, I would love to see how you use your materials. I would like to approach the idea of all those wonderful textures with a more abstract subject matter. Someday, ( if you share such knowledge after years of developing your techniques): please keep me in mind. Thanks again,
George Holland
Solivita Artisans Guild

Hi Bobbi,

Wanted to let you know that I passed out your postcards at our NAWA recent board meeting 6/19/2017. Everyone commented about your work.

They also marveled at how you are so thoughtful each year by sending us these cards.

Thanks for being a special artist and friend.

Susan G. Hammond
Executive Director
National Association of Women Artists

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