Over the years I have saved the guestbook comments from my exhibitions. They are keepsake treasures because the viewers took the time to really look at the art and to respond with their comments.

Here are some of the comments from the Ponte Vedra Exhibit:

3/8/19 Robeso Nied: imaginative, well crafted, hopeful and meaningful

3/14/19 Charlotte Chastain: Very interesting and earthy, can imagine in a garden.

4/16/19 Dana and Betsy Hirst, Cordover Maine: Wonderful talent.

4/17/19 Zoe and Charles Komaransky, Cleveland Ohio: the attention to detail-so evident. We install grates (found pieces) in our garden. Loved seeing your work!

4/22/19 Candyce Golis, Larchmont, NY The theme, techniques, titles flow and sing. Thank you for noticing the beauty in these everyday items! and for your passion about the environment.

4/26/19 Janet Robles: Very appropriate exhibit for Earth Day Week. Love the contrast between industrial and nature.

4/26/19 Patricia Erickson: Your print “When the People Care Enough” is so successful. The integration of words with the image is wonderful. It’s my favorite piece in your show.

4/28/19 Sara Bass thank you for exhibiting with us at The Cultural Center!  It was such an interesting show and you were a delight to work with,

I actually had two manhole cover garden, one in St, James, NY and one in Port Jefferson, NY.  Here is the story of my St. James manhole cover garden:

St. James garden.



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