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Meeting Greg Bonham

Greg Bonham  impressed the Solivita audience with his unique vocal talent and superb trumpet playing. The Aussie Performer surveyed the audience for some likely candidates with whom he could interact.

(left – Greg surveys the Audience)

Bobbi in her Fluffy Jacket

(right – Bobbi in her Fluffy Jacket )




The Lady in the Fluffy Jacket, What’s your name?”

Being in a jovial mood I attempted to say my name with an Australian accent:

Where upon he came up to our aisle and did a few dance turns with me.

Later he called me up front.  “What’s your husband’s name?” he asked.

Even though I hail from German descent, I love the sound of Italian syllables.
I responded: Slowly and deliberately, with the Italian pronunciation,

“Alfredo, Antonio, Antonio, Mastrangelo!”

The audience chuckled.“What do you call him?”

“Al”   Outbursts of laughter!

Greg: “You’re funny!  I’m sending you back to your seat before you steal the spotlight.”

He presented me with his CD and told me to have him sign it after the performance.

Greg Bonham plays a mean TrumpetOur banter continued as the show progressed. What fun! I related to the values of this terrific performer: love of family, his homeland, Australia and his adopted country, The USA.

(left – Greg Bonham plays a mean trumpet)

Later, when I showed Greg my post card image entitled “Freedom” he handed me his CD entitled “Stand Up For Freedom!” Greg gave me permission to use it on my web site. Destiny played a part in our connection and I am glad that it did.You can enjoy his music on the web:

And here is a bit from: “Stand Up for Freedom”

14 replies on “Meeting Greg Bonham”

a truly great story,

God works in many strange ways.

quite a coincidence

take care

fernando & idalia valverde

Oh Bobbi, what a grate story!! You have such fun with life
and your art – so proud of you.
Happy to call you friend.
Peggy Allen

Hi Bobbi,
I heard this story from some of my friends who were at the performance. They said that you were delightfully funny- and added much to the performance. Great web site! I like your poem.Take care.

Dear Bobbi,
What a fun time you must have had!
What an effect you have on people!!
Love ya,
Ellen Gordon

About Bobbi Mastrangelo,
As an entertainer I meet lots of fun people who impress me.
Bobbi is certainly on top of my list.
This wonderful bundle of energy is like a breath of fresh
air…creative, talented and equally charming..
Her ‘follow though’ actions have impressed me greatly and I see it as
one of her valuable assets.
Here is a gal of action and originallity.
Most of all though…her friendship is what I cherish.

Good luck Bobbi…until we meet in Florida on my next tour.
Sincere best wishes,
Greg Bonham

    Hi Bobbi,
    This is a grate story about a very unique and original lady!!!!
    Always wear that ‘Fuzzy’ jacket!!!!
    It shows off your unique personality
    when you are called on to speak in public!!!!
    Your conversation with Greg was delightful and
    I would have liked to hear it in person!!!!
    Always stay the way you are!!!!
    The best to you always, you are a grate person!!!!
    Marilyn Abt

I loved reading your story about you and Greg Bonham
and also the many responses you received.
It’s great having such a talented, funny, engaging great/grate sister.

Keep up the great grate work as well as the comedian work.
Your Brother, Fred

What fun!!
As you may remember I am of 100% Italian descent (Richiuso)
I loved reading your comments!!
Mary Ann

6/14/2007 10:41:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Dear Bobbi –
To my ‘grate’ great sister – you are my amazing, versatile, talented and lovely sister. I love your fuzzy jacket – I love you and all the things you mean to me. I’m so proud of you and glad you are my big sis.

Dear Viewers,

Fred Betschen (June 13th comment) is my brother, whom I am proud to say has recently made significent contributions to the Art World. As the Interim director of The Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, New York USA, My brother guided the museum through its renovation and re-organization.
Your can read about it:
On the left hand column, third section down there are two articles listed about the museum.
The first article also has a photo gallery section (10 photos) of the museum renovations you can click on.
The Artnot Art Museum received great coverage and celebrated their grand re- opening on October 16, 2007.

Hi lovely Bobbi

The best way to my music is simply through
my new web site

My music has a link on the site…but basically it is through CD and any download site like itunes etc.

I see you are still thriving Bobbi and I am so
happy to know you and follow your fab creations.

Your friend,
I also wish you good health
and a wonderful summer.

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