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2007 Postcard Dedication

24TH Annual Post Card Week
May 6 – 12, 2007


This year’s PC theme is dedicated to our soldiers and citizens who fight for freedom and work together for global peace.

Here is the story about setting the scene for “Freedom.”

Setting the Scene:

All the steps of creation:



“WHO WILL STAND (FOR FREEDOM)” is dedicated to all people and all nations who co-exist in peace to be prepared to stand up for their principles.
Greg Bonham
This song was written by Greg Bonham after the tragic events of 9/11 to encourage patriotism.

Click below to hear his song. (mp3)
“Who Will Stand?”

Visit his web site for more information.

10 replies on “2007 Postcard Dedication”

Thank you for trading your NPCW Freedom Post Card.
It surely was a “Grate Art Happening.”
Happy Post Card Collecting!
Jackie Krch
Syracuse NY

Dear Bobbi,
How very sweet of you to send a NPCW Card!
And I haven’t made a card in years.
I thought of you in January in Waikiki when I saw an unusual grate… I did not take a photo, but if I see an interesting one during my trip to Olympic Peninsula in WA I will send you a photo.
Grace Marton
Arcata CA

Hello Bobbi,
I think this one is your best grate yet!
Grate Story too.
Thanks again,
Lorene Swank

As I write, I have your manhole cover art work on post cards spread out before me and they make a marvelous display. I’ve looked closely at each manhole cover design- What a variety.The background material and colors that you’ve used set the covers apart: yet they blend so well with their settings.

When several pieces of related art work are viewed together, thus a new perspective is presented, each one is akin to the others and each is a part of the whole. Now I knew that, but was just now reminded.

A question- what does the blue number 197 under the Port Jefferson 1956 sewer cover represent? (It is displayed on National Post Card Week 1998.
Buckeye For National Post Card Week1997 and Three Sewer Hitter, NPCW 2000 are my favorites.

My own post cards are drawn by different caricaturists. I have fun with caricatures. They allow me to laugh at myself.
Shirley S. Montgomery
NPCW Pen Pal
Morrison IL

Thank you for your always interesting post cards.
Of course, if you read my post cards, you will see
that I prefer “cast iron” grates.
Seriously, I always wonder what variation of cover
you will come up with each year.
Tom Franko
The Arizona Steelworker

I’m a bit late in writing this note but the sentiment is still the same..
I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s postcard week card, and the pictorial note you sent me with it.
Over the years your card has intrigued me …and this year was no exception.
What a “Grate” talent you have.
Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Audrey Madans
Charlotte, N C

“Hatpin Card Lady” (National Post Card Week theme)

Dear Bobbi,

I do collect antique hatpins. That’s how I got started with collecting postcards that prominently show hatpins ,and then it was a natural transition into NPCW cards.

At first I drew those myself. But I’m not an artist & now I try to photo some of the pins & use those on the cards. Having a hobby really helps. I’m an incureable collector of many things…hatpins being first love. Then postcards , then memorabellia & cards included, from my home town in Mass., to Billiken items…to memorabellia of Hadassah…etc etc etc…

The joke around here, & my favorite saying:
“ I can’t wait til I die to see what my children will do with all my stuff” .

There was a time when I thought I’d get to meet you in N Y when I would visit my sister-in-law. But she’s gone now, & you’re in Florida. I may never get down there..sooooo I’ll just have to see you every year during NPCW.

Audrey Madans “Hatpin Card Lady” (Post Cards)

I wanted to be sure to thank you for your wonderful postcard,
“Freedom Grate” that we received in the mail.
The theme, coloring and composition are special and meaningful.
I only hope that we can once again wake up to a world of (relative) peace
Much love,

Dear Bobbi,

The Sculpture you created for the post card
“Freedom” is a beautiful work of art.
I am sure it will receive a lot of attention
because it is so unusual in its art form.
My compliments, Bobbi.

With our kind regards and love,
Brigette and Wolfgang Bredemeyer

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