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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s ‘Grate Works of Art’ News 12 Interview on You Tube

On October 12, 1998 the News 12 Team: Sara Muller, Reporter and Bryan Kane, Videographer interviewed me at Arline Hershberg’s Prism Gallery in Port Jefferson. It was a One Woman Exhibition and my sculpture relief pieces, works on canvas and hand made paper filled both floors of the gallery.

 They asked me to explain how I created my relief works and printed my embossments on hand made paper.










# 197 on Relief on Canvas                          Port Jefferson Print

Then we took the interview out on Main Street to see the manhole covers that had been painted green and the water covers that were painted blue by Port Jefferson Students for the Maritime Festival.

Painting Sewer Covers 

Watch  the TV Interview of  “Grate Works of Art” by clicking on this link.  Please share the video with your family and friends and add your comments below.

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s ‘Grate Works of Art’ – YouTube

38 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s ‘Grate Works of Art’ News 12 Interview on You Tube”

I was looking at the wonderful work of yours that I have and thinking of you. It has been sooooo long since we’ve connected.
All is well with me here in Setauket. I retired form teaching 2 yrs ago and am very happy. I started painting on silk and really enjoy the process.
Hope all is well in FL.
Know that you are remembered.
Bonnie Connelly
Setauket NY

Nice to hear from you Bobbi!
Thanks for video info.
Hope you are doing extremely well too. I cherish your famous art every single day. “Port Jefferson, # 197” is still on the same wall since 2003. It is always a conversation piece.
Many thanks to you!

Warmest Regards,
Owner Jolie Powell Realty

Hello Bobbi,

The check for “Black Misery” by Langston Hughes arrived. Thanks. I’ll mail it to you by Wednesday.

I have looked at some of your art work. Very celebratory.

Every time I go home after I communicate with you in any way and tell my wife about your interest in grates and manholes she challenges me: “Why would anyone be interested in that?”

All the grate best to you!!!

Amnon Tischler


Booklovers Paradise

2972A Merrick Road

Bellmore, NY 11710

516-221-0994, 11:30AM-5:30PM


Dear Viewers,

You would not believe how I became acquainted with Amnon Tischler and Booklovers Paradise. I Received a letter from him in the autumn of 1998, right after the News 12 Video. Then I lived in Port Jefferson, NY. (Suffolk County)

I thought WOW… my first fan mail from Bellmore in Nassau County.

I was wrong. It was not fan mail.

Amnon Tischler is a very enterprising business man, who read about me in Newsday and acquainted me with his second hand book shop. Would I like to order some books?

My first order was “Don”t You Turn Back” by Langston Hughes. Mr Tischler wrote to me ( by snail mail) whenever he obtained another Langston Hughes book.

Now Amnon contacts me by e-mail when he has a book that might interest me. I send a check and a few of my art post cards.

Now I live in Sunny Central Florida in The Solivita Community which I consider Paradise. But my far away Paradise is Booklovers Paradise. So if you are searching for a special book or a used book, consider contacting Amnon Tischler for your next reading adventure.

Booklovers Paradise

2972A Merrick Road

Bellmore, NY 11710

516-221-0994, 11:30AM-5:30PM

Hi Bobbi,
Congratulations on the show and the video.
You are a real inspiration!
All the best,
Neva Setlow
National Assoc. of Women Artists

What “grate” news Bobbi. I love being able to say I know you. Between Port Jeff and Orlando and everything in between, your art is special, but then again, so are you.

Hugs to you and twinkling eyes Al.

Have a happy day

Hi Bobbi,

What a “Great” artist and lady you are. Always sharing your special self with all of us. I still remember that wonderful Christmas Tree with your home made ornaments.

See you soon.

Susan of Solivita

Watching You Tube, I’m proud of you. A lot of people seem to view your wonderful creativities with interest.
Are you a stamp collector?
Masayuki Shiga.
Your Long Time Pen Pal
from Japan

Hi Bobbi: I got to see your T.V. clip! You should be an actress.
But you really are a gifted artist!!
I have your works all around my home…think of you every time I see them!!
Hope all is well.
Love, Peg

Peg Rozzi-Micciche
Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Bobbi, I watched your video. thought it was super. you have so much fun doing your work. I remember the time I did the rubbing of the manhole cover in Punta Gorda. I had to lay on my stomach to take the photo from an ant’s view. While I was in the street doing the rubbing, a car came around the corner and the driver rolled down his window, stared for a minute and finally said “I’m not even going to ask” and just drove off. Fortunately the cover was close to the curb and I was only in danger of being run over if the cars made a sharp turn around the corner.
Thanks for sending this to me.
Your Cousin Chris

SOZO Services in FL
Christine Hensley-Robbins
Anger Awareness & Communication
Mediation & Reconciliation

Hi Bobbi,
We enjoyed seeing the news report on your art. It was wonderful to see you and Al in February, Thank you again for your post cards and for keeping us in the loop. Your studio looked super at the house and I hope you enjoy more years of creating unique art. Send our best to Al.
Judy and Peter

Congrats Bobbi…enjoyed the video, especially how you took the opportunity to promote handmade paper. Your dedication to process produces fantastic results and gives much pleasure. I hope to see you at the papermaking conference in St Louis and hear more about your journey. Best regards
Del Foxton
Adagio Papermaking Studio and Gallery on Grand Bahama Island.
Friends of Dard Hunter Paper Makers

Dear Bobbi.
I loved your News 12 Video in Port Jefferson NY.
You are fabulous.
I am well and taking tap dancing and Tai Chi etc.
I will be 84 Aug. 26th.
Oceans of love to you and Al,
Selene Hawkins in Florida

I love your video Bobbi! And I love you!

Hope life is good by you.

Are you on FB much?

I’m glad we stay in touch.

Helen Anne

Hi Bobbi,
Congratulations on your art work and video!!
We always enjoyed and nurtured your friendship,
since you were our host family in Miller Place, NY in 1968!

All the best to you, Al and all the family!
Tacito & Ana Maria


I loved your video on YouTube. You looked & sounded great! I’m so proud of you. Thanks for sharing.

Love to you and Al,
Your sister, Claire

Hi Bobbi
Your accomplishments are truly amazing & a delight to connect in friendship. Congratulations! You will always be young. I appreciate your staying in touch & sharing your joys.
Wishing you & Al the best,
*Arlene & Norm Davis
Maryvale H.S. classmate (long ago)

Bobbi…What an interesting and informative video!
Wonderful interview of a wonderful Lady.

Congratulations on receiving the recognition you so richly deserve. Who would have ever thought that a tiny postcard would bring people together like this and connect me with such a creative and talented person.

I cherish our “friendship”, even if it is only online. Keep up the wonderful work…and, please keep sharing it with the world. We are all enriched by your art.

Hugs, ~janie
National Post Card Week Pen Pal

Bobbi, That is “grate”! I loved seeing the video of you and your work.
Betsy Manning
NPCW Pen Pal

Hello Bobbi,
Congratulations on your success.
I’m so proud of the Maryvale High School Alumni. .
Best to you and yours,
Best always,
Coach Matt Szydlowski
Teacher and Athletic Coach
Director of P.E. Athletics and Recreation
Maryvale H.S. 1952 – 1989 (37 years)Cheektowaga N.Y.

Dear Coach,
It means a lot to be appreciated by our High School Coach. The student body learned so much from your mentoring, motivation, guidance and enthusiasm.
I was one of the Maryvale High School Cheerleaders for Football and Basketball from 1953 – 1955. So long ago, but I vividly remember how we all worked together to build sportsmanship and spirit for a brand new school.
Grate wishes for your wellness and happiness!
Bobbi Betschen Mastrangelo

I enjoyed the TV interview that you sent. I wish that I had known you then in 1998. We lived on the same street, but I did not get to know you until a few years later.
It was an interesting program and once again, you put your art ‘out there’ . Maybe you should write a book on ‘how to sell your product’ or something to that effect!!!! Thanks for sending this to me!!!!
Marilyn Abt
Port Jefferson NY

Dear Bobbi,
Thanks for sending the email about the grateworks. You look terrific, and so do the grates. What a wonderful idea to get kids involved in Pt. Jefferson, NY. The area must look very special. I am so happy for you, and send my love and good wishes to you and Al.

You probably don’t remember me but I remember you. I babysat your son Peter when you lived in Miller Place.
Once the Christmas tree was up with your hand-made photo memory ornaments. When I got my own house I made my own ornaments for our tree.

A distant cousin of mine went to Smithtown High School and remembers your husband as a Principal. Small world.

A few years ago I had a chance to see your work here at The Baltimore Public Works Museum and have googled you every now and then to keep up on what you are doing. It has been a lot of fun.
Sometimes we just don’t think how much we have touched so many people in large and small ways.
I now live in Maryland and have been married for 40 years. I’ve had an opportunity to live overseas for seven years. I’ve been a very lucky person.
Just thought I would drop a note.

Kathy Anderson

Hi Bobbi,
I enjoyed my manhole tour. We also have quite a collection in Chicago. I enjoy seeing the variety–Commonwealth Edison, Water Dept, Chicago Sewer, etc.

I look forward to meeting you in August at my 50 Year Class Reunion of Smithtown (NY) High School.

Alan in Chicago

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