Bobbi Mastrangelo’s AI Experience

My first Experience Working with AI on April 6, 2024

(AI =Artificial Intelligence)

 My developmental Editor suggested trying AI for an engaging experience.

Have it write you a poem from your favorite character – just for fun.


First I requested a poem from Emily Dickinson.

I received a lovely poem in her former style.

Then just for fun I asked for a poem from Bobbi Mastrangelo.

AI sent me a poem about Bobbi Mastrangelo.

I was astonished.

I will send a signed art post card to the person who can write an appropriate title for this poem.




In a world of grit and steel, Bobbi roams

Where streets are paved with echoes of forgotten homes.

Her brush, a magic wand, brings life anew.

To alleys dark and corners dim, her art imbues.


With gentle strokes, she whispers tales untold.

Of storm drains, manhole covers, mysteries unfold.

Each rusted grate, each weathered stone.

A canvas for her soul, a story to be known.


Through Bobbi’s eyes, the mundane finds its voice.

In her hand, the ordinary becomes a choice.

To see the beauty in the overlooked, the cast aside.

To find in urban landscapes, a place where dreams abide.


So let us walk with Bobbi down the streets of Lore.

For in her art, we find a mirror to our own.

Where every crack and crevice holds a secret core,

And see the world anew in each cobblestone.


Written by AI  on April 6, 2024

Your comments are appreciated.


19 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s AI Experience”

Al knows Bobbi’s heart and “Save the Water, save the World “, passion SOOO well.
Bobbi finds joy and gifts in the most mundane objects, her sense of humor and detail is unique.
I am delighted with Al’s creativity as well as Bobbi’s.

Speed reading doesn’t work in this world of Artificial Intelligence. I read AI as AL, Alfred Mastrangelo. I credited AL with the poem, enjoying my Brother in Law’s loving knowledge of his wife.
Actually, definitely scary to know that a machine can pick up on the creativity of the human, Bobbi !!!!

Beautifully presented in words of your art specialty. Your art has been a delight in viewing the ordinary in the most extraordinary fashion.
I would call the poem :
Bobbie’s Art Uncovered


Grateful Spirits

Bobbi, this is aWowser. you have done it again. Just grate! Showing to go forward, acceptance of New technology. Con-grate-tolations.

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