Three Sewers = A Home Run in Stickball


Three Sewers (Stickball Tribute)

Mastrangelo’s sculpture relief 34″ x 30 ” x 4″

ABOUT STICKBALL:  Stickball was a game that turned the landscape of the city street into an asphalt field of dreams for kids who wanted to play baseball nearby.  An old broom handle morphed into a bat, manhole covers and car tires became the bases and a pink rubber ball  called a SPAULDINE, replaced the hard ball so that the windows of cars and apartments weren’t broken in the process.

Stickball lovers talk about “Three Sewer Hitters” who were the really big hitters.  Manhole covers were about 90 feet apart.  Car Tires served as first base and third base.  The three sewer positions were home base, second base and the outfield limit.  So a batter hitting past the third sewer was a “Home Run Hitter!” Can you just picture the intensity and enthusiasm of the kids who were in charge of their own entertainment and exercise in this simple version of Baseball.

3 Responses to “Three Sewers = A Home Run in Stickball”

  1. Susan Nichols Says:

    Thanks Bobbi, I have to admit that I do remember stickball, probably 60+ years ago. I also have a Canadian cousin that has the same memories with an ice hockey game.

    Thanks for the awakening those old brain cells!

    Susan Nichols
    NPCW Pen Pal from Texas

  2. Nunzio & Rose Cazzetta Says:

    Kudos- always loved your “manhole covers’’ brings me back to my kid days in B’klyn –when we played “sewer to sewer” punch ball or stickball or football with rolled-up tied newspapers.
    My best to you and Al

  3. Kathy Glascott Says:

    I’ve never played stickball–I think that’s more of a New York city thing. But I love this piece!

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