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Grate Spring

Grate Spring

Grate Spring

Tribute to Brian Mahoney

Brian inspired me with his creative Horticultural Concepts and surprised me with “Tete-a-Tete” Daffodils blooming up through my garden grate.

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Brian commissioned a simulation of a Cleveland Electric Illumination Company Utility Cover for me. ( I was born in Ohio) He also had one made to represent a Bell System Cover. Though the relief work was sand blasted into slate, each piece from a distance looked like a real gray iron manhole cover.

Bell System Cover   Cleveland Electric Illumination Co. Cover
The Bell System Cover
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. Cover
Bell System Garden Path

Many cast-a way covers were given to me when contractors replaced them with standard imported covers. Brian designed a horse shoe shaped garden path to incorporate them..

He and his crew painstakingly cut and fitted slate pieces around covers of various sizes and shapes.

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Cover Garden Path
In a gesture of sympathy and compassion, Brian planted a lovely dogwood tree to honor the memory of my mother. His most artistic gesture was his surprise bulb plantings one autumn. The following spring, I gazed out at the woods. Clumps of daffodils were nestled at the bases of trees. Crowds of daffodils bordered the garden. But the “gratest” surprise of all was the unexpected. Perky yellow blossoms were popping up through the openings of my garden grate!
My National Post Card Week issue for 2006 “Grate Spring”
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