Manhole Covers Fascinate Bobbi Mastrangelo (You Tube 2:00)

My first TV Interview was by Karen Hasby in her Newsday Office in 1983.  She reviewed the  “Classic Works” covering traditional themes such as flowers and cathedrals.  Karen  delved into my Picassoesque “Mod Works.”  But it was my unusual new theme of grates, water covers and manhole covers that caught her attention. You can view […]

Story Behind the Artwork

The Creation of “City of Orlando”

Why I created the Sculpture Relief: “City of Orlando.” download a PDF of this story Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Competition for January 5, 2012 was entitled “Sculpture, the Ultimate Process.” Remembering the brick pavers surrounding the Orlando Museum of Art, I thought, “Why not enter the competition with a streetscape scene from the […]

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St. James Streetscapes by Bobbi Mastrangelo

  During their residence in St. James New York, Bobbi recorded grates, manhole covers and water covers in their paved environments. She captured the street ambience in her prints and sculpture relief works: “Buckeye” Sculpture Relief  “Buckeye” was based on a former Lake Ave North Sidewalk in St. James.  This water valve cover was eventually paved over with asphalt.  During […]