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The Story of its Creation

By Bobbi Mastrangelo

I strolled across courtyard to my studio wondering what kind of background to use for my embossed print, “When the People Care?” Glancing down at the paver blocks triggered a memory: Once a strong wind had knocked over a paper frame support outside my NY Studio. The very damp sheet of handmade paper flipped onto the brick patio. Curious, I let it stay. The paper dried and created a mold of the brick pattern.

Damp Paper pressed on Pavers

Perhaps I could achieve an interesting effect by pressing paper over my paver blocks outside my FL studio. I dampened a thick sheet of imported India paper. Using lots of water and a good deal of pressure, I made it conform to the pattern of the pavers.

Damp Paper Pressed on Pavers (left)

 As the black paint was dabbed on, I was smiling to myself. This was fun and my idea was a good one. More colors were sponged on to duplicate the paver colors.

 Black Sponged on Paper

Paver Colors Sponged On

Black Paint
Sponged on Paper

Paver Colors
Sponged On Paper

There was only one problem though, the paints were beginning to drip and seep over the paper edges. Oh no, I did not want to stain the pavers.

So I quickly mopped up the paint and pushed old papers and magazines under the edges to protect the pavers. It was a hot sunny day, but I worked in a shady spot and finished this trompe l’oeil challenge in about ninety minutes.

  When There Is Pride in The Environment

When There Is Pride in The Environment

Perfect! When the piece dried, the texture and subtle colors were perfect. It resembled a street where people took pride in their environment. It was exactly the background I needed for the featured artwork: “When the People Care.”

Download a PDF of this story:

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2 replies on “WHEN?”


I had an opportunity to look at your website and was
impressed by your artwork!!!
You have quite a talent!!!!

Best Regards,

Ida Meringolo, Solivita Resident FL
Formerly of Smithtown, NY USA

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