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NEWS – November 2007

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Vestige (Charleston, SC) - 1999

Vestige (Charleston, SC)

Vestige SC is one of her nine images featured on their Sewers in the Culture with stories about her art. PDF Article Sewers in Our Culture

November 2007 – Few people think of the lowly manhole cover as art, but Bobbi Mastrangelo, a Florida artist known as “The Grate Lady,” uses the designs and textures of manhole covers to create beautiful sculptures and handmade paper pieces.
See some of her work in our Sewers in the Culture section, which features ways that sewers have entered our culture in art, sculpture, literature, music and even a sewer pipe hotel.



18 thoughts on “Sewer History Hall of Fame

  1. The Grate Artist Goes Down in History (Sewer History)
    Date: 11/6/2007 7:33:47 A.M.

    Dear Bobbi,
    Obviously, amazing and great (grate) things
    happen when you go “underground”.
    Your Brother, Fred

  2. Hello Bobbi,

    I am happy that you are moving on in your grate career.

    Speaking of this: “The Grate Artist Goes Down in History (Sewer History).”,
    someone sold me a dynamite book about tunnelling.
    How about that?

    Have a grate afternoon.

    Amnon Tishler
    Booklovers Paradise
    2972A Merrick Road
    Bellmore, NY 11710
    516-221-0994, 11AM-6PM
    516-579-2848 after 8PM

  3. Bobbi
    And you have ‘gone down the sewer’ !!! The website is doing well for your publicity.
    How is that doing as far as sales are going? I hope you are doing a lot of selling !!!
    All of this interests me!!!!
    All is going well here!

  4. Hi Bobbi,
    Your fan, Kay Zauner, forwarded me the article.
    We still have our home on Hillside Ave. but have a
    condominium in San Francisco.
    Do you remember our subbing days in
    My husband was the Supt. of Schools in Hauppauge.
    I remember meeting your son when I worked
    in Dogwood Elementary School in Smithtown, NY.
    How are you all doing?
    Marion Knott (Marion, who???????)

  5. To Al, (Bobbi’s husband)

    I’m in Orlando area all week, combo of relaxing and looking at places.
    Bobbi’s art looks really interesting. She’s quite talented.

    I guess we can say that all these websites are “grate!”
    Hers: and the one of
    My quartet:

    Grate wishes from,
    Larry Horwitz,
    (who adds the sparkle as tenor in Concord Express)

    Concord eXpress – A Barbershop Quartet, is a member of
    The Barbershop Harmony Society, SPEBSQSA, Inc.,
    We sing old and new songs in the traditional barbershop style.

  6. Hi Bobbi –

    Great article!!! I can’t believe that I actually know
    someone who is this famous. Keep up the good work.

    Sylvia Deftos

  7. Dear “Sewer Lady”
    Congratulations on achieving this honor!
    I am honored to actually know someone in Sewer history!!!!

  8. Hi Bobbi,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on making it to the bigtime!
    Will says you are in Italy so have a wonderful time
    and a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Carol Gruber

  9. Bobbi,

    Congratulations on the wonderful work that you are doing!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Your cousin,Shirley

  10. Bobbi
    We have visited your website again and we are excited again – you demonstrate an academic method of job that of its own accord is a pure art even outside of connection with any art-direction or theme.

    We congratulate you on obvious success. And we wish to increase rates of job
    in spite of constant doubts in expediency of his work inherent to every artist.
    In our Russian validity the similar doubts/fear have not only artists today.

    But we do not doubt that everything will be appreciated sooner or later.
    And the grandsons and maybe even children can feel it with one or other way.
    Each present work should have “patina of time” – so our friends and we reassure ourselves always.
    And is especially perfect if the artist is capable to create this patina already during working of art 🙂

    Sasha (Alexander Kholopov)
    Sewers of the World, Unite!
    Moscow RUSSIA

  11. hi, just gone on your web site
    it is really good bob
    how are you ?
    tonight i will show it to friends
    take care
    i will write soon
    Fabio from Montevarche

  12. Hi Bobbi,
    Yes the theft of manhole covers is a growing problem and very sad one. Who knows what will replace these stolen grates if it continues at a epidemic rate. Especially these days with finances being what they are for the Towns, Cities, and States.
    It will be a shame to lose the artistic value and history of what we have. Too much is being lost. Thought you might be interested and will like to be aware of the story I sent you on Rising Ripoffs which appeared in Newsweek.

    Saw “Vestige” on your web site.
    It is awesome.
    I like the mirror image of “The Grate Image”! And what an appropriate title!
    Anyone who comes from “New York Underfoot” can truly appreciate the Grates! I imagine in any town or city.
    Your Dress Designer and Friend.

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