“WHEN” Won 3rd Prize at OCFTA Juried Exhibit


“When,” Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Fiber Art Relief won

Third Prize at The Osceola Center for The Arts Juried Exhibit

Exhibition dates: May 5- 31, 2008

2411 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

Kissimmee FL 34744 1 (407) 846 – 6257


Read the story of how I created this art work.


6 thoughts on ““WHEN” Won 3rd Prize at OCFTA Juried Exhibit

  1. Bobbi: Greetings.
    My name is Jon Schladweiler and I am involved with the
    Sewer History Exhibit (see attached photo) and the website

    I am interested in receiving more information about your artwork entitled “When the People Care”. I believe it would be quite beneficial to display a print of it at the Exhibit; so information such as size, cost etc. would be of interest to me.

    The Exhibit is currently scheduled to be on display at the National Congress of the American Public Works Assoc. in New Orleans in August and at WEFTE 2008 in Chicago in October (to name just two upcoming events).

    The potential number of people who might see not only the Exhibit, but also the print (should it be on display with the Sewer history Exhibit) at the two noted events, is in the range of 12-15,000.

    You do great work and, by doing so, help people recognize and appreciate the manholes and gratings that are so much a part of our vital public works infrastructure.

    I will be looking forward to hearing back from you on this matter.

    Take care and thank you.

    Jon Schladweiler, P.E.

  2. Hi Bobbi,

    Well, I have trouble keeping up with your activities!!!!! I am so
    impressed that your ” When People Care ” has created some
    interest. I am particularly fond of that piece and admire it each
    time I go to the library. This would really give you some coverage!!!
    I hope that it works out for you!!!

    Thanks for your e mails, Bobbi!


  3. To Ellen Gordon and viewers,

    (my poem on the art work)

    When the people care enough
    They will not litter.
    Then they will notice the beauty
    of clean sidewalks and streets.
    There will be more pride in the

    When the people care enough,
    When the people care,

  4. In reading your web page again today, I see that color
    appears more and more in your work. Is this a Florida feeling?
    I like your info on creating when using pavers from your home!!!
    You are so clever, Bobbi!!!!

    I still am partial to ” When People Care.” I always admire it
    at the The Port Jefferson Library.

    I have joined the Coalition to Save Cedar Hill. We are trying
    to stop the destruction of our land here in Port Jeff.

    All for now.
    Port Jefferson (Long Island) NY

  5. Hi Bobbi:

    I appreciate your kind words. Serving in the military is not always fun, but knowing we count with your support makes the struggles seem less harsh. There are those who have it a lot tougher than I, I would also ask that you keep them in your prayers.

    Congratulation on the 3rd place win; I liked the message. I have to admit when I visited the site I was expecting just paintings. I found it curious to see all the different works based on grates (I’m now a little more educated and understand the email address); would have never imagined it as a form of art. It looks great…

    James Pons
    US Embassy Bogota – AFMIS
    Unit 5137
    APO AA 34038

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