VOTE! August 15 – 18, 2010 for Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “When”

 An International Public Vote Award of $2,500 will be awarded to the one artist, designer, duo, group or collective who receives the highest number of public votes on their submitted works to CURATE THIS!’.

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Please visit: CURATE THIS on August 15 – 18                              Poem When the People  Poem People Care  2 copy 2.21 MB                                                                             

for instructions on how to cast your vote.

Thank you

The Results: Bobbi Mastrangelo came in 12th of the top 15 artists and designers:

You can read the story of the creation of the fiber art piece on the link below.

12 replies on “VOTE! August 15 – 18, 2010 for Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “When””

Hi Bobbi,
As I looked at the voting requirements — voting for 10, sending an email, including my address, etc — I was just about quit when I finally came to your entry. It was so easy to put you down as number one I just couldn’t resist continuing. I hope I did it all right.
Too bad they couldn’t make the voting easier.

Love your piece and best of luck to you!!!


Jan Moulder Papermaker, etc.

Dear Jan Moulder and Viewers,

Unfortunately I neglected to tell you must select
ten different artists listed in order of your preference,
# One being your favorite.
Thanks for all your support
Bobbi (When the People Care)

Okay, I voted and guess who is number one??!!!
It would be BAM,that is, you!

One of your Art Collectors,
Gordon Newman

Hi Family and Friends,
Bobbi Mastrangelo, is an accomplished artist. She is very generous and frequently donates her art for charitable events.
Bobbi lives in Solivita, and we are in the same book club. You can go to her website to see her acheivements.
I am forwarding this to all of you, in the hope that you will vote for Bobbi and nine more artists. See the artists’ works on: List your top ten favorite aritsts and designers with#1 being your most favorite.
Include your name, and address
and in the subject line type “2010 vote”
If Bobbi gets the most votes she can win $2500.00.
You can only vote once, but if you so choose, you can forward this to your friends and family
voting is from 8/15 thru 8/17/ 2010

Dear Bobbi,
Hi! and hope you and Al (& family) are very swell–
and keeping cool.
Good luck on this contest!
Remember, you’re a winner! contest or not!
Hal and I are actually in Florida–until August 30th.
Keep on with your Bobbisms!
Much love, Sandy

Dearest Bobbi
I support you, because of who you are and what you contribute…
and i am so proud of what you have done…
I hope everyone sends it to all their friends and family so
you can win the BIG BUCKS!!!!!!
sleep well tonight..
a fan
(member of The Novel Book Club)

Wow, Bobbi, this is my favorite for sure!!! I love it, and the message is amazing! To think….we can bless others with positive thoughts while they are walking. Thanks to your message, more people will think twice when they want to throw something away.. you’re beautiful artwork will inspire them to find a trash can instead of the street!!
I pray your beautiful piece will win!!!! Keep me posted!

God’s love, peace, joy and blessings,
Nancy Wibben

I did vote good luck let me know what outcome is

audrey madans
Hat Pin Theme
for Nat. Post Card Week

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