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Two Sisters In American Art Collector 2016

Two Sisters Close in Age, Far Apart in Art Themes:

Bobbi’s Manhole Art Theme deals with “The Gateway to the Underground,” contrasted with her sister’s Ethereal Landscapes containing hidden Angels. Judie Pufpaff’s Theme: “The Spirit Within” contemplates “The Gateway to Heaven!”

Bobbi and Judie, sistersBobbi Mastrangelo and her sister Judie Pufpaff

Most of the Blog Readers are familiar with Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Manhole Art. This sculpture relief is featured in The American Art Collector 2016 by Alcove Books.

City of Orlando
“City of Orlando” by Bobbi Mastrangelo

Now you have the opportunity to meet her sister, Judie Betschen Pufpaff who tells us her story!  Here is her piece in American Art Collector 2016: “Walk in the Light” Isaiah 2:5

Walk in the Light by Judie Pufpaff
“Walk in the Light” by Judie Pufpaff

Judie says: “Sharing a childhood home gave us (and our siblings) opportunities to explore and create the life every child would love. Our parents encouraged the fine arts along with a very strong vein of independent thinking.

Imagine a home in the hills of Springville, New York that resounded with music and laughter. Our neighboring farmers probably rolled their eyes at the “city folk” trying to raise 6 children with chickens, a pet pig and acres of strawberries, while our dad drove into Buffalo each day where he sold Electrolux vacuum cleaners door to door.

Bobbi, baby Claire, Judie and our dog.
Bobbi, baby Claire, Judie and our dog in 1948.

Now, as I look back, I think of us as the Springville “Von Trap Family,” singing and playing whenever possible. Hard work, honesty, high marks in school, being fine citizens and good neighbors were attributes highly prized by our parents.

Bobbi and I were the oldest, enjoying all of the rewards and responsibilities as such. We were very different: Bobbi always looked for challenges, gave every endeavor 150%, while I chose easy, fun, pretty projects. I would plant flowers or run to the woods to read a new book, as Bobbi tackled a huge report or essay. I chose easy “A” classes, while Bobbi chose the most difficult.

The Betschen Bunch: Lois, Claire, Rick, Bobbi, Fred & Judie
The Betschen Bunch: Lois, Claire, Rick, Bobbi, Fred and Judie

We are still very different in creativity, Bobbi loves sewer grates while I paint landscapes of sunshine and flowers. I always choose “pretty and elegant” while Bobbi chooses unique. We are appreciative of each others talents and pursuits, as we are of our younger siblings, all very talented and ambitious. We are blessed!!!”
Your sister,
Judie Betschen Pufpaff from Williamsville NY

Bobbi Mastrangelo adds: “My sister Judie inspires me with her ethereal, sublime landscapes. Visit her website to see more of her exquisite landscapes.


Lois, Bobbi, Claire and Judie at The Castile Farm, NY 2006
Lois, Bobbi, Claire and Judie at The Castile Farm, NY 2006

After my sisters posted their comments, I added the above photo to show the fun we have when we are together.

Here is Judie’s recent art work that was exhibited with The Buffalo Society of Artists:

"Quietness and Assurance" (Isaiah-32:17) by Judie Pufpaff
“Quietness and Assurance” (Isaiah-32:17) by Judie Pufpaff

17 replies on “Two Sisters In American Art Collector 2016”

Thank you, Bobbi, for bringing us up to date on your Blog. I still haven’t learned how to manage or update my website, so it’s perfect that you have taken the time and talent to get us squared away!!!
I look forward to our new edition of American Art Collector, tried to have us linked together, but editor, Tom, didn’t think it was a “grate” idea. Two of my art friends are included, Melinda Schneider and Deanna Weinholtz.

  • I am very blessed to be the proud cousin of Bobbi & Judie!! Their parents often invited me to stay with them for various periods of time. Even accompanied them to their Springville school when my school in Buffalo was unable to get coal to heat our school.
    Visiting with them and their siblings was such fun for me. They were always very active and sought out many creative outlets.
    So as they grew, so did their talents–but they are still as humble as can be. I’m in awe of the beautiful rubbings and paintings created by them over the years. I have samples of their works displayed in my home to show my guests. I feel famous just being related to them!!
    Shirley Lloyd,
    Their Cousin
  • I love the title, “Two Sisters In American Art Collector 2016”!! The best part, is that they are MY sisters also!!! How proud our parents would be. I know I am!! Best of luck and fun in your future artwork, Bobbi & Judie!!

    Love you,

    Whew!! Bobbi and Judie were indeed a tough act to follow. Bobbi and Judie designed their own prom “Cinderella” gowns and, of course, they were each the Prom Queens. (I was not jealous, just always in awe)
    I remember the plays they wrote, directed and starred in with our cousin, Shirley. They were always fun to be around and let their younger siblings tag along.

    Bobbi and Judie designed and painted Christmas and Easter murals on our living room and dining room windows; the neighbors and passersby enjoyed the beautiful sights.

    Our brother, Fred, and I were the ‘middle children’ but he was and still is amazing. He played the trumpet just like Louis Armstrong (and sang like him) and also played like Harry James. Fred’s fame and glory and that of our younger siblings, Claire and Rick will be stories on the web for another day.

    Back to Bobbi and Judie ~ we are all very blessed to have their fantastic artwork gracing our walls and we take great pride telling friends and relatives how fortunate we are to be related to them!!

    Good luck Bobbi on your Art works.
    We enjoyed seeing you and your sister on your web site,
    both being in American Art Collector 2016.
    How special is that 🙂

    “Grate Wishes” and Hugs,
    Judy & Rick Olson

    So much talent in one family! I have had the pleasure of personally seeing many of Bobbi’s “grate” works and have enjoyed watching her creations develop as she takes simple, everyday materials and creates works of art. Her imagination and ideas are astounding. It was such a pleasure to see photos of Bobbi and her siblings.
    Toni Pantaleo
    Snowbird Neighbor and Friend.

    Love to receive your mails.
    I like both your styles and wish you both all the best.
    Talent will win out as they say.
    Mary Anne Sanchez
    Your Maryvale HS’55 Classmate

    Hi Bobbi,
    Wonderful to meet your whole and very talented family!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Nan Johnston
    Novel Group Book Buddy

    What a beautiful group of sisters! How talented and supportive
    you are of your unique gifts! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Deb and Jim Roach
    Snow Bird Neighbors from Ohio

    I loved learning about your “back story” Bobbi, and am so glad you included pictures of not only you and Judie, but also all your siblings. Your parents would be so glad to know that you are still so close in heart and spirit.
    Marge Weldy,
    Solivita Book Circle Friend

    I would have liked to known this family! The parents instilled in the children an interest in all subjects and provided support as well.
    Bobbi and Judie give us their art and while the subjects are different from each, it is most enjoyable.
    What wonderful talents we enjoy!
    Marilyn and Dave Abt
    Former Neighbors and Friends
    From Long Island NY

    Your artwork is so awesome!
    It was nice to see more of Judie’s work too! The beautiful painting she says my music inspired, was hanging over Mom’s piano in her living room. It’s not in my living room along with many other of her beautiful things and her two cats! Judie and my mom are always with me!
    Now to get to know you as well!
    What a treat! Sisters in art!
    My sister Kristen sings and composes. I see the bond music and fine art have on families!
    Magical, Spiritual connections and heart led ministries evolve from our work as it does yours!
    Thank you again for remembering me so fondly and generously! I am deeply blessed!
    Blessings of Peace~

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