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Special Holiday Gift Exchange Story on my Autobiography

Some of you may have read the recent blog post with an excerpt from my upcoming autobiography about the founding of the Adopt-A-Spot Program in St.James NY. This blog post hosts the second excerpt from my future autobiography, very fitting for the season of gift-giving.

For the PRINTMAKING Chapter, my Developmental Editor suggested adding anecdotes about some of the prints  I created on my Dickerson Printing Press. In addition to colorful prints, I also created uncolored works, called embossments. Dampened paper was placed on an un-inked block. Running it on the press pushed the dampened paper into the negative spaces, resulting in a unique embossment.

Here is an amusing story of two other products of the Dickerson Printing Press:

Mary Roth had introduced me to her doctor friends and their wives who were avid supporters of the arts.

On two separate occasions, the women came to buy art for Christmas gifts.

Huguette planned to buy a gift for Andre Marie. She gazed at the art collection spread out on the pool table: “Picasso’s World,” prints of bold, yellow daffodils, red and brown grids and water color landscapes. As soon as she spied the pure white embossment with the dramatic raised texture of a wooden grid, she exclaimed”

“I’m buying this as a Christmas present for Andre Marie, and if she doesn’t like it, I will keep it for myself.”

A few days later, Andre Marie came to buy a Christmas present for Huguette.

She surveyed the colorful array of prints and water color renderings spread out on the pool table. She pointed to the white embossment called “The Grid Experience” and declared.

“I really like the texture of this pure white piece and I think Huguette will love it, too.”

That Christmas gift exchange was so unique that for many years the story was related how the two women selected identical white embossments as gifts for each other and were so delighted with what each received in return.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated as I share excerpts from my future autobiography with you on my blog:


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