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National Post Card Week 2014 “Florida Storm Sewer”


Florida Storm Sewer is the second of my Florida Trio Post Cards for NPCW. This art is cropped from the original art to fit the post card dimensions. View the whole Florida Storm sewer relief and story:  

National Post Card Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of May.  Since 1991, I have been a participant, sending out a post card usually based on one of my manhole cover  relief works. See my collection:  Bobbi Mastrangelo- Postcards -”The Grate Works” -transforms manhole covers, sewers and grates into artistic streetscapes.

I exchange post cards with over 130 post card pen pals and save their creations in binder notebooks. Demaris Swint has posted the 2014 NPCW cards:

Your comments and questions about National Post Card Week are very welcome. 


15 replies on “National Post Card Week 2014 “Florida Storm Sewer””

Hi Bobbi,
I’m only sending a Post Card
For I’m busy as a bee.
I think of your real often and
I hope you think of me.
Happy Trading
Janie E. Monroe
NPCW Pen Pal from NC

Hi Bobbi,
I always enjoy your “Grate” post cards.
My 2014 Post Card honors the memory of Evelyn Marshall, a post card collector and Charter Member of Pacific NW Post Card Club.
Sharon Damkaer
26th Year of Commemorating
National Post Card Week

Hi Bobbi-

Our NPCW cards were sent on their way on Friday. Thank you for yours. Janet glommed onto the FDOT card as soon as she saw it. (To glom is to greedily grab and clutch.)
When we recover from the fervor of NPCW, it will have a permanent place in her Maps category. It is a very neat postcard!
Janet is the artist for our post cards; she can draw anything. I cannot draw even a crooked line, but I write and can keystroke infinitely faster than she can. So… it all works out.
All good wishes to you,

-Janet and Lew Baer

Dear Bobbi,
We were recently in Germany, the Berlin area, and noticed how elaborate some of the sewer covers were. Very Interesting!
Best Regards,
Betty Davis,
NPCW Pen Pal and member of:
Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club

Hi Bobbi,

Thanks for your post cards.
You “COVER” a lot of territory.
I always enjoy your post cards.
My post card celebrates California Parks 150th Anniversary.


Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for your 2014 Post Card “Florida Storm Sewer!”
Really love it! I’d love to see your art work some day.

My NPCW post card: “Winter of 2013-2014,” depicts a disgruntled man, dressed in heavy snow gear, bracing
the snow storm. He chastises the SNOWMAN:

I love my post cards.
It is so much fun to trade and hunt for cards.
Take care.
NPCW Pen Pal from Indiana

Dear Bobbi,
Thanks you so much for your 2014 Post Card, “Florida Storm Sewer.” I have followed your art every year and enjoy your artistic and clever work.
My card this year is based on a water color sketch of a Scottish Bag Pipe Player that my Father did on a trip to Europe.
Thank you again for your post card.
Marjorie Lamprecht
NPCW Pen Pal

Dear Bobbi,
Thanks for your National Post Card Week Card. I have a rather full collection of your grateworks post cards by this time.
I sent my first issue in 1984.

Eventually the 800,000 post cards here at The Institute of American Deltiology will go to The National Trust Library of the University of Maryland Library System.

The Grateworks Collection, filed under Topical Segments will be donated within the next decade.

I send wishes for your continued good health and happy collecting.
Donald Brown
Deltiologist and NPCW Friend

Dear Bobbi,
Thanks for your NPCW post card.
I like your interesting subject.
Charlyn Hubbard
NPCW Pen Pal

Thank you so much for your postcard of the Florida Storm Sewer. I really liked what you used for the NPCW card.
Eileen Goldsshmidt (whose post card theme is”Potty Stop”)
NPCW Pen Pal since 1991

Dear Bobbi,
Thanks for another neat, grate card.
So unique and actually pretty art.
My post card is of Shirley Temple,
adorable child actress of the 1930’s.
You have a “Grate Summer!”
Love and Best Wishes,
Lorene Swank
Indianapolis IN

Dear Bobbi,
Sending every good wish with the continuation of your Grate Works for many years to come. You have certainly made me look down at my feet when I am passing a manhole cover – something I would never have dreamed of doing before!

Kind regards

Eileen Goldschmidt adds,
I am sending you my 1996 Post Card “This is the Life,” which you may not have and a post card of Queen Elizabeth II Celebrating her 60th Anniversary of the accession to The Throne in exchange for your Florida Sewer Cover Post Card.

I enjoy your e-mails. You really have interesting art. I enjoy seeing what you have done.
Hopefully I will create a post card for 2015.
Have a good summer!
NPCW Pen Pal

Good morning Bobbi,
Your “Grate Works” are Great!!! Thank you!

I received your post cards today! Thank you so much!
I can’t wait to give them to the kids as well.

I checked out your’s so impressive!
You have been blessed with a gift for sure! Thanks again
for the postcards and have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Nedra Lytle in Indiana

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