Mastrangelo in the Media

Artist Draws on Spirit of Unity at 9/11 Event

                             by Michael Freeman Reporter Correspondant, September 23, 2011

Bobbi Mastrangelo with “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” and Patriotic Artifacts.

This scene was photographed by Bill and Barbara Herman during the shoot for National Post Card Week 2008
It was the powerful message of her sculpture “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism  that motivated her to curate a Nine Eleven Tribute on her Blog “Grate Thoughts


And it was the United Tribute of Many Artists, Poets and Musicians

that inspired Michael Freeman, Reporter Correspondent to write: Poinciana artist continues her tributes to Nine Eleven. | Freeline Media Orlando  September 14, 2011
And to publish the article under this title : Artist Draws on Spirit of Unity at 9/11 Event        Artist Draws on Spirit Of Unity at 9/11 Event |  September 23, 2011.



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