American Pride sculpture off to Attleboro Arts Museum 2011 Gala and Art Auction

With Grate Pride, Bobbi Mastrangelo contributes her patriotic sculpture for Museum Benefit.                                                                  

Attleboro Arts Museum Auction Spotlight Exhibition and on line bidding: October 14th – November 2, 2011.   Live Benefit Auction Saturday November 5, 2011.  Attleboro Arts Museum

"American Pride" 
sculpture relief 9" x 15" x 1.5"

Here is the story of its creation:

Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » American Pride Sculpture

This is my ninth year of donating art for The Attleboro Arts Museum Benefit Art Auction.  The Museum staff and Museum friends are very appreciative of all the artists’ donations, so it is a pleasure to help their cause. They also put me in touch with Vic Bonneville who exhibited my art at the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum in 2004.

In the past I contributed many pieces of decorative art for Attleboro’s fundraisers.  But now that I am focusing on sculpture relief works which gained recognition as “Grate Works” of art, I thought “American Pride” would be the perfect donation.  My Nine-Eleven Memorial Tribute” is all about patriotism and caring about our country.  Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Nine Eleven Tribute in 2011

“American Pride” was the featured image for National Post Card Week in 2009.  That post card can be purchased from  Walt’s Postcards  MASTRANGELO GRATES Postcards Waltspaper.  

Online viewing and bidding starts Oct. 14 2011 for  all the art available:  Be sure to check artwork that can be purchased reasonably while helping to support the museum’s cultural programs:  Attleboro Arts Museum – Auction Home Page – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction

5 replies on “American Pride sculpture off to Attleboro Arts Museum 2011 Gala and Art Auction”

Having honed her skill so artfully, Bobbi has enabled another iron grate to be lifted to higher levels. Now others are able to see it, aptly described, as an “American Pride”.

I just read the story of the creation of American Pride.
Grate story.
When I clicked on the link to view all the artwork, your piece
was # seeing you on the top of the page
Your Apprentice
Susan Raff

Hi Bobbi,
What a perfect name for your sculpture.
I salute your beautiful work of art.
You’re able to show your pride in America,
our troups, and what’s in your heart.
God Bless You my dear friend.

Barbara Rose

Hi Bobbi,
I own a child care center in North Attleboro Massachusetts and we have chosen to teach the students about you as an artists and your artwork. Each year we create a Fine Arts Program and have the students introduced to different artists medium. We explain a little about the author, they are Infants all the way to Kindergarten, and they mimic a chosen piece. Do you ever travel to schools, the students would love to meet you?
Thank you
Sarah Chace-Goral
Program Director – Owner

ScribbleTime A Center for Early Learning
451 Elm Street
North Attleboro, MA 02760
T (508) 695-7227 Check us out on facebook: ScribbleTime A Center for Early Learning Partnering with today’s family to provide learning opportunities to tomorrow’s leaders!

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