Granddaughter Sophia’s Art Work

One of the greatest joys in the world is being a grandparent. Besides sharing art with our four grandkids, I encourage them to learn greetings and the cultures of many other countries. Max and Sophia each have “Passport to the World” (Your A – Z Guided Language Tour) by Craig Froman.  ‘Passport’ features  a bit of culture, a map and basic greetings from Armenian to Zulu. I started them on little personal note books with headings for 70 top languages of the world. They fill in basic greetings for hello, goodbye, thank you and peace, draw and color a map and add details. It is a daunting task, so I said I would pay them $1.00 per country.

 Here is a delightful response from Sophia (age eleven):


I have finished Armenian and Bangladesh. You don’t have to pay me because I’m doing it for the fun of it.

This is a line design I made last year when I was ten years old.  



Sophia’s Design

Sophia will be surprised to see her art on line.  She would probably love your comments also.

18 thoughts on “Granddaughter Sophia’s Art Work

  1. Hi Sopia,
    I love the bright colors you used in your design….I hope you will share more of your art with me.
    Nan Johnston
    Former Library Director
    in Canton Ohio
    Nona’s Kindred Spirit
    & Novel Group Book Buddy

  2. Sophia!

    I am so pleased that your Nona shared your art so others may enjoy it as well. You are very talented and I’m sure this will help open doors for you in the future. Continue enjoying your “Passport to the World”. We feel very special when your Nona greets us in our own language so I’m sure you will bring smiles to many people that you will meet in your life’s journey.
    Hopefully, I will be seeing more of your work posted on line. God bless you.

    Grandmother’s Neighbor
    And Book Buddy
    Who helps Nona with her Spanish!
    Buena Suerte!

  3. Sophia,
    I am thrilled that your Grandmother in sharing her knowledge and wisdom with you. I think I would be your third cousin since I am your Grandmother’s first cousin. I am so impressed with your artwork. It was your Grandmother who inspired me to do the artsy thing that I do with fabric. I have only done one water color in my life and every time I look at it, I think of your Grandmother!!! Blessings on you little one.
    Nona’s cousin

  4. You are a blessing to your grandmother! What a talent you are!
    Ellen Gordon
    Your Nona’s Book Club Friend
    from “The Novel Group”

  5. I can see that the Apple does not fall far from the Tree!!!! Glad for you, Bobbi!
    Marilyn Abt
    Your Port Jefferson Friend
    Who met Sophia when she was only a toddler.

  6. Dear Nona,

    Thank you so much. I will try to make more drawings for you each week. The title of this piece is “Miscellaneous.” I made it when I was 10. And I did it in art class last year.
    The winter sun is so pretty here. I took a photo of it today.

  7. Just beautiful, the colors are magnificent, Sophia has a talent, wonder where she got it???
    Ellen Kossover
    A Novel Book Friend to “Nona”

  8. Hi, Sophia:
    What a awesome art work you made. I love the design and the colors. It perks me up. I am so proud for you!!!
    Kathy Wheeler Nona’s book club friend

  9. Guten Tag (Good Day) Sophia,
    I am glad your grandmother published your art work, it is inspiring.
    She sings with me in the Solivita choir and she bought one of my quilted works.
    I am a quilter and I love those vibrant colors in your work.
    I can see a quilt made with your design and colors.
    Einfach Wunderbar! (simply wonderful)
    Keep up your good work.
    As they say on this popular TV Show:
    Viele Grüsse, (Cheers!)
    Gaby Backert
    at Solivita

  10. Dear Sophia, you sweet soul sees what heaven must look like – all beautiful colors covering the earth. Can’t imagine what your art work will look like in another 11 years!
    Your talent for your age is incredible.
    Sheila Anderson
    Book Circle and a friend of your wonderful grandmother!

  11. Dearest Sophia,
    I am so impressed that you did this beautiful work, at just 10 years old. I love the primary colors, the shapes, round, pointed, and the map..There is much to see in this work. What a lovely gift from Nona and back to her. Whenever we talk about our families, and I would say, “I just spoke to my brother”, Nona always asks for the individual’s name. Nona feels that speaking the person’s name gives more importance to the conversation, and the individual. I love it, so I now do the same.
    Keep up the grate work..
    Nona’s friend Susan
    Grateworks Apprentice ( who did the rubbing for the Orlando Manhole Cover)
    Novel Group Book Club member
    Helper in last year’s theme for the Solivita Book Circle annual dinner

  12. How beautiful, I love the use of space, lines and color, the imagination extending beyond our own planet yet filling in the void (field of unknown) with vibrance and life. She puts a ceiling and comfort to the great beyond using all the colors of natural light! A natural talent just like you Bobbi.
    I love the depth of subject matter you have given them with the personal note pads expanding their minds, reaching out to other cultures and the world.
    It is so clear how she has conquered this world with love. You should be very proud!
    With Love,
    Your Dress Designer and Friend
    Long Island, NY

  13. Happy St. Valentines Day!
    Your Granddaughter is outrageous with her picture.
    Picasso is her new name!
    Imagine how her art work will unfold, can’t wait to see.
    The picture is beautiful.

  14. Wow thank you all for all the nice comments. I will contunue my journery on learning to get better on my work each and every day.

    Thank you very much,

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