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“Dad’s Letter of Encouragement in Art” for Bobbi Betschen Mastrangelo

Dad’s Letter refers to John Bernard Myers: “Tracking the Marvelous” A Life in the New York Art World

Today Feb.1, 2013, I celebrate my Father, Herman Louis Betschen, who was born 101 years ago. Dad passed through The Celestial Gates on May 27, 1992, but his legacy and his influence live on. I found his letter a few days ago and I definitely will re-read: “Tracking the Marvelous.”   Here’s to you Dad.  I miss you so ( I am teary-eyed ). But your letters not only give me comfort: they continue to inspire and motivate me.

Herman Louis Betschen in the 1930’s

Bobbi Betschen Mastrangelo & her Dad in the 1980’s

09/14 update

18 replies on ““Dad’s Letter of Encouragement in Art” for Bobbi Betschen Mastrangelo”

Bobbi, every time I use my Electrolux I think of Uncle Herman. Blessings!
Your Cousin,
Christine Fischer-Hensley-Robbins


The letter did not show, but love the photos.
This inspires me to get out the only videos that exist of my dad. It is very difficult for me to watch them and not cry. Now that my brother James is coming to Tampa I will have to be brave and share them with him.
Your Book Buddy and Neighbor

Hi Bobbi!

Your father was a great inspiration! It is interesting how he became involved in the arts. I can see that he encouraged you in your work because of his interest in those things. I am certain that he was a great father as several members of your family have achieved success in their chosen field. This is an example of a father’s love!!!


Thanks for sending this, I really miss dad & mom and think about them everyday.

Number six in the family

Thanks so much for sharing. I can feel his pride and support for you and your talent. You are very lucky to have had such a wise, loving Dad.
Novel Group Presider and
“Grate Works Apprentice”

Dear Viewers,
About my Dad, Herman Betschen… Let me add that he was a lifetime learner. He only finished Eighth Grade because he had to work to help support his parents and sister. He taught himself Calculus and Engineering and took The Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course. He worked as a Draftsman at Bell Aircraft. But as his family grew (eventually to six children) he changed careers and became a very successful Electrolux Salesman while continuing his personal studies in Religion and Philosophy.

Bobbi, What a wonderful letter–thanks for sharing it with us. Your father must have been a fantastic person and you were so fortunate to have him in your life.
He is smiling at you now…proud of your wonderful accomplishments.
Take care,
Kathy Glascott
Author of “Loving Christy”


It was great to read Dad’s note and your comments! It made me teary eyed! We were very lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents, who taught us so much. Thanks for sharing that and the photos!

You’re an inspiration to me and am very proud of you!

Love, your sister, Claire
Fifth in the family

Hi Bobbi,
Its all about following your heart, the one thing Dads hold in their hand. It is the wise Fathers who see inside fostering the love within the individual for all of humanity before they set them on their way to the outside world.
His letter is an inspiration to us all and with your words of his genuine humility and quiet passions in lifetime learning. A worthy life and truly noble.
I am so glad for him and the person in you he gave to us, openly, lovingly with the integrity of following your heart’s dream to fruition. I am so glad you shared this with us, a deeper understanding, you are a credit to him and to the true artist in us all.
With Love,
Your Dress Designer and Long Time Friend
from St. James, NY

Dear Bobbi,

Reading Dad’s letter to you was a special gift today. As I am second in the fortunate line of six children, it was a marvelous reminder of the faith Dad and Mom had in us. There were no limitations, we could achieve our goals through hard work and persistence.

What a blessing it was for four (of six) of us who lived nearby in our adult years, able to have so many evenings around their kitchen table. Discussions were varied and lively, Dad holding court, sharing his philosophical beliefs, while Mom fed us. Every day, I recall his wisdom and love. Sometimes, it was tough love, but as we all got older, he seemed to find God and Love in every situation.

Whenever a friend has a new baby, ( or grandchild), I am reminded of Dad’s words when we had our first child. “He is not yours, but on loan from God. It is your job to make sure everyone loves him, by giving him rules, responsibilities and most of all love.”

In my art studio, I especially feel their presence in the music playing and remembering their appreciation for the beauty everywhere.

Thank you, Bobbi, for this place to share our blessings!!!

So happy that you are my sister,
With Love,
Judie,#2 of the Betschen siblings

Hi Bobbi,
I love the pictures of your Dad and your Dad and you.
I loved your words too and sharing your Dad’s. It is easy to see where you get your inspiration, talent and courage. It is the very best thing to share and remember our parents for they are near and surely as touched.
It is hard to believe so much time has passed by and so quickly. As “orphans” we hold to the truth fostered within us, it becomes self evident as we get older. It is of great value to the vision of what is really important in life.
This is what I value in our friendship.
You are and always will be, a true Kindred Spirit!
Be well Bobbi, keep up the Grate Work!
I will be in touch!
With Love,

Dear Bobbi–
Your Dad’s letter is inspirational and ageless. He was such an encouraging,caring Dad. Sharing the warm memory of a father’s love and encouragemnt is taking LIFE forward. I’ll have to look for that book by that gallery owner.
Your Dad and I share a birthdate, Aquarians are we. I hope that the children I met in my life’s journey were encouraged by my positive re-inforcement of their creativity and of their talent. Thank you again for sharing your memories. Helene Leonardi

Dear Bobbi,
May we take a moment every day to be grateful for each other and the inspirational family that blessed us. God chose wisely when he entrusted Mom and Dad with the six “cherubs”.
How many households have as much laughter and creative fun as we did, following Mom’s 500 rules. When I think of “Martha”, dimples flashing, laughing and encouraging us to do our best, Be Truthful, BE KIND, be helpful, honest, responsible, keep our word, and BE POLITE!!!!!!
Not many mothers allow their kitchen to be a place for children to cook and bake whatever we chose as long as we cleaned up our mess. Remember how we sang as we did dishes, made the job go quickly.
How did Dad ever let us paint the house to earn money for church camp???? Not sure I would have trusted my pre-teens with that chore….
Mom made everything a game and Dad was our philosopher, each giving gifts that are used as part of our adult world, Precious Gifts, indeed.
Thank you for sharing, Bobbi, and keeping our Betschen traditions going.

Dear Bobbi,

Thanks for sharing again. We were so blessed
to have such great parents.


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