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Exhibit – Mill Pond House Gallery

January 19 – February 15, 2008
Mill Pond House Gallery

“The Street Was Paved in Gold”

The Street Was Paved in Gold

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The Art Reception
Reception Sat. January 19th 3 – 5 PM

At The
Mill Pond House Gallery
660 Route 25 A
St James NY 11780 USA
1 631 862 6575

4 replies on “Exhibit – Mill Pond House Gallery”

Hi Bobbi,

Well, where are you going to appear next? I am overwhelmed with your celebrity status!
You are certainly going forward.

I see that you are incorporating colors in your works since your move to Florida.
I especially like the Spinning Waters that you have done.

And now, the International Christmas Card that was sent by Ecopsis is lovely as well.
What and where are you going next? I am so pleased for you.

I do have the ‘Unfinished’ work that you did and I am keeping that to show
when you are a world famous artist!!!!!! It appears that it might not be so far away!!

Keep the e-mails coming. There always is a new venture included in the message!!

Marilyn Abt
Port Jefferson, New York, USA

Hi Bobbi,
I went to the Mills Pond House on Sat. and saw your piece there.
It is hanging in a good spot and will be seen easily.
I like the ‘Gold Streets!!!.
This is my first time seeing your Bamboo Frames and it does fit nicely.
It was a fun experience. Actually the show was quite good
and I saw several that took my interest.
Once again, Bobbi , you have done an unusual job
and I liked seeing the piece.
Happy Times in Paradise, Bobbi!!!!

Dear Bobbi,
Congratulations on your choral participation at Solivita.
It must be very satisfying.
I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.
I always knew that you were talented, and am glad that
you have earned success.
Be well and know that my memories of you are wonderful.
Love to you and Al,

Dear Bobbi,

I am so annoyed at myself for missing your show in St James
(which isn’t too far from here). To add insult to injury…….
I found out about it just days after it ended.

I’m from Hicksville, Long Island. My name is Laury Egan. I am hoping that you will be making prints or postcards of the 9-11 grate.
When I take my dog for a walk, I still look for grates & covers & design pix in my head.

I have tried, unsuccessfully to locate your previous postcards. I read that you design one each year for the international postcard “celebration”. Will you be designing one for this year &, if so, will it be available to the general public?

Is there a book available that showcases your work? I know that kind of book has a specific name, but I haven’t a clue what it is. I just know that when I like a person’s work I try to find either a collection in a book or inexpensive prints.

Laury Egan

Hicksville, Long Island, NY USA

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