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Escopis – International Christmas Card

For “The Street Was Paved in Gold”

Since 1979, I have focused on the theme of manhole and water covers, rendering them in prints, cast paper, sculpture relief, installations and fiber art.
Through research and contact with utilities I have learned a great deal about the purposes for the different covers. In various sizes, they provide access to such underground utilities as electricity, gas, telephone and water.

And let’s not forget about storm drains and sewers. What goes into our storm drains and sewers is a concern, because what ever goes down into the earth, eventually comes up and around as part of the water and weather cycle. In recent years the reuse of water or recycled water has also become an environmental issue.
Of all the resources that have iron covers to access them, water is our most vital. We cannot live with out water. When I created two fiber art pieces on the theme of “The Street Were Paved in Gold,” I incorporated a water valve cover in one and a reuse valve cover in the other.


The Swiss Firm Ecopsis discovered my Grate works on line and contacted me. “Ecopsis” means “vision of the habitat” in Greek. Ecopsis is an international consulting firm that specializes in the development of challenging sanitation projects.The Strees Was Paved in Gold

They requested permission to use my image “The Street Was Paved in Gold” for their International Christmas Card.

The inside greeting was printed in four languages.
Ecopsis wishes you a Happy New
International Year of Sanitation 2008

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8 replies on “Escopis – International Christmas Card”

Happy New Year.
I love your web site.
Do you do your own design?
Your work is so unique and beautiful.
It is so great to be able to do something you are
passionate about, isn’t it?
Sara Mastrangelo
Violinist and violin teacher.

Hi Mom,

I checked out you blog-I had read your website before,
so I just jumped around, but I think
your blog is very topical and fun!
Keep up the good work!
Your Daughter,
Anne Marie

Arghhh!!!!!! Of course I had to find out just days after the end,
that you had an exhibition on Long Island!!!!!!!!!
When you coming back north?

Wow! Your outreach is remarkable as is your artwork and indomitable spirit! Thank you for introducing me to Escopis and including me in your ever-widening circle of friends and admirers.

Dear Bobbi –

You are such a talented woman! I admire your grit and determination. YOU are amazing and we are delighted to know you. Best wishes always.

Kate & Michael Brown

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