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Decorative Sculptures


My decorative relief sculptures evolved due to the discovery of three elegant Kuliche Frames replicating rare Museum Period Frames.  What treasures!  They were works of art in themselves. Their gilded antique sculpted forms reminded me of the frames I had seen in the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence.  I had no idea how I could use them.  They certainly did not relate to my usual nitty gritty water cover relief works. But I had to have them.  So the three treasures were carefully packed and traveled with me wherever I went.

Two art museums requested art for their holiday benefit sales and auctions.  Hmm, museum settings for my little water covers. What if I enhanced little water covers and set them in Michael Kuliche Ornamentations?  Wouldn’t that be the perfect match?

Working on these settings bordered on a spiritual experience.  I felt akin to the artists of antiquity who meditated before creating their icons.  I carved the hand-hole covers and gilded them. They were encapsulated in tiny simulated stone or pavement areas.  Once set in the carved M K Frames, they transcended their usual mundane sidewalk settings. Reminding one of Russian icons or carved prayer boxes, these precious mandalas became celebrated stars of “My Grate Works.”

Now if only I could locate more Kuliche Frames.

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