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“Con Ed Maintenance,” “City Views” Staller Center for the Arts Stony Brook NY

Con Edison Maintenance Precious Waters City Views Monoprints

Con Edison Maintenance1987 – “Con Edison Maintenance”
Installation – about Installations
Original construction
6’ x 7’ x 5.5’

Lighting designs: Scott Soupeck Lent by the artist. Made possible with the support of the New York Foundation for the Arts and the East End Arts Council through the Special Opportunity Stipend.

Con Edison Maintenance 19921992 – “Con Edison Maintenance”
Installation – about Installations Stage two with lights and foam barricade added. 6’ x 7’ x 5.5’

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Stony Brook

Though my art work is focused on the theme of manhole and water covers, I believe it challenges the viewer on many levels. The issues I address include the technology and maintenance of
our public utilities, water conservations and environmental awareness.

My personal commitment to the environment has even filtered through to my fiber choice for paper-making. I have composted the coffee grounds and scientifically recycled the used filters. They became the oatmeal-colored papers for the “City Views” monoprints.

The creation of Precious Water and the Con-Ed installation involved collaborations with a scientist my son (who is an audio engineer), a Con-Edison employee, and a lighting designer. These collaborations have given me the heightened perspective of artistic renderings.


Precious Water closed
Precious Water open
Display open covers- Left: Polluted,  Right: Pure Water
click images to enlarge

INTERACTIVE SCULPTURE: Open the water covers to contrast polluted/pure waters
and activate special effects.

DIMENSIONS: 60” high by 22” wide by 23” deep.

Precious WaterDESCRIPTION: “Precious Water” is a simulated sidewalk excerpt, lifted from a typical old city brownstone area. The slate walk has two outwardly identical water covers. Under the left cover, the threat of polluted water confronts an unsuspecting viewer. Ominous sound effects combine with a murky green liquid to create an unsettling atmosphere fill of dire predictions for our collective future. Below the right cover exists pure water. Sounds of flowing water are enhanced by lilting musical chords and free verse poetry.

At the rear of the sidewalk is a wrought iron fence, set in mud, moss and molded concrete. The second layer is composed of concrete and pebble aggregate. Below that is an area of mud and disjointed water pipes.
InteractionThe base exposes layered levels of city sub strata: sandy soil, roots, items unearthed in soil: a comb, plastic coffee lid and an old faucet, interfaced with slate and other metamorphic rock.

RELEVANCE: The artist provides a water cover site in geological layers. Her involvement with water and sewer issues led to a deep environmental concern for pure water. Precious Waters actively involves contemplation of our fragile environment.Will the confrontation promote individual responsibility for our water protection?

Viewer Interaction to the right: Opening covers and listening.
Sound Recording: Engineering by Michael Mastrangelo

Poetry – Precious Waters


City Views monoprints are on 17″ x 14″ paper hand made from scientifically recycled used coffee filters. click images to enlarge:

Con Edison
We're All Connected Polluted Waters Manhattan DPW
City Views I
“Con Edison”
City Views II
“We’re All Connected”
City Views III
“Polluted Waters”
City Views IV
“Manhattan DPW”

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