Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Sculpture “Seattle Tribute to Betsy Best”

Florida Sculptors Guild

“The Best of FSG” at Casselberry Art House

The Florida Sculptors Guild exhibit runs from Oct 9 th- Oct. 26th

Here is Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artist Statement: “Seattle Tribute” features a rough carved texture of colorful waves, swimming gals and fish. On a lowly sewer cover, “The Circle of Life” evokes a Prayer for Protection.

"Seattle Tribute" sculpture relief 32" diameter by Bobbi Mastrangelo

“Seattle Tribute” sculpture relief 32″ diameter by Bobbi Mastrangelo

The original gray iron sewer cover, “Water Ring,” was designed by Puget Sound-based artist Betsy Best-Spadaro in 2001.  It depicts women, fish, orcas and a whale swimming in a circle around the central legend of “Sewer.” (Despite the idyllic depiction on this hatchcover, Seattle Public Utilities urges waymarkers not to attempt swimming in the city sewers. You will almost certainly be disappointed.)

In October of 2017, Bobbi was able to connect with the artist who is the original designer of the Seattle Hatch Cover, Besty Best -Spadaro. Her unique art can be viewed here:Betsy Best

Seattle Tribute by Bobbi Mastrangelo (side view 6" depth)

Seattle Tribute by Bobbi Mastrangelo (side view 6″ depth)

Helen Anne Gately, Bobbi’s Seattle friend sent rubbings and photos of the original gray iron cover located on N 34th Street and Phinney Avenue to aid in her creation. Mastrangelo hand carved every detail in polystyrene builders’ foam. Bobbi’s environmental focus on water protection and conservation influenced her color palate of blues, greens, gold and silver.

Florida Sculptor Guild Exhibiting Members:

Dan Beard, Denisse Berlingeri, Cheryl Bogdanowitch, David Cumbie,

Marla E,  Catherine Farrar, Arlene Friberg-Vivaldi, Iwaona Lys-Dobradin,

Bobbi Mastrangelo, Vicki Nanos, Bill Oatway, Suzanne Oberholtzer,

Jene Omens, Katty Smith, Susan Sturm-Menand, Woody Whitchurch,

Amy Wieck and Byron Walker.

A FREE opening reception will be held from 

6 – 8 p.m., Saturday, October 21st. 

Light refreshments will be provided.

                If you get to see the exhibit, please comment on my blog. Thanks.

Casselberry Art House
127 Quail Pond Circle
Casselberry FL 32707

Monday – Friday 10:00 – 5:00

Phone: (407) 262-7700

Facebook (87) Casselberry Art House

6 thoughts on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Sculpture “Seattle Tribute to Betsy Best”

  1. That is beautiful! I love the colors.
    Erwin likes it too. With the ocean theme, I knew he would like it.

    It was a pleasure to see your artwork, beautiful home, and studio space. You keep your studio so clean which is no small task with foam, plaster bandages, wood putty, etc!
    Glad I could help with the transportation of Seattle Tribute.
    Ride home went well, your piece travelled well.
    (It stayed still and did not complain a bit! Lol).
    Amy Wieck
    Florida Sculptors Guild

  2. Hi Bobbi,
    I saw the FSG exhibit at the art house and your new piece looks really good. You can see it from a room away when walking through the front door—Jason found a great location for it. I hope you can get up to see the show at some point. We have two openings—a “soft” one on the 13th and a reception on the 21st.

    We’re awfully glad you’re a participating member in our shows—you make us even better.

    My best as always,
    Cathy Farrar FSG

  3. Hey Bobbi!

    Just wanted you to know that your piece is a real “eye catcher”!
    Jason put it in a wonderful spot that truly draws the eye!

    Last night’s “soft” opening was shortened by rain (Jason was BUMMED) but despite that many people came in, and discussed your piece, with the FSG members that were there.
    There was a troop of Boy Scouts that hung around it with me and wanted to know ALL about it and your work! It was adorable! You inspired them!

    I’ll make sure we get pictures for your blog next weekend.
    Take care Bobbi.
    Susan Menand FSG

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