Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “City of Orlando” Creation

Orlando Museum of Art at Loch Haven Park

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s sculpture relief, “City of Orlando” was featured in the group art exhibition, “Celebrating American Diversity,” curated by Gareth Edwards, displayed at the Orlando Science Center’s third floor gallery, July 15, 2023 – September 3, 2023.

Mastrangelo is internationally known for her unique art based on the theme of manhole covers, water covers, grates and drains, called “Grate works of Art.”

City of Orlando Manhole Cover
Rubbing of the Manhole Cover

The sewer cover Mastrangelo chose was located on the brick roadway in Loch Haven Park near The Orlando Museum of Art. Bobbi begins her creations with two references: a photo of the cover and its environment plus a rubbing of the manhole cover.

The artist uses a sheet of polystyrene as her canvas. She places carbon paper under the rubbing and traces the image. Bobbi uses an exacto knife or a cut away blade for her carving. Commercial letters are glued to foam and cut out to 1/2 ” depth. The manhole squares and the bricks all have beveled edges.

Polystyrene Material

To protect the foam from chipping, the surface is covered with plaster gauze bandage (similar to what is used in plaster cast for a bone injury). It is painted with watered down cement.  Followed by the colors of brick and metal.

City of Orlando

For more information visit the artist website: or wikipedia.


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