Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artist Statement for WEAD Exhibit Autumn 2013

 What is an “Artist’s Statement?”
For most Selected or Juried Exhibitions, an artist is asked to submit a personal statement about the art theme, techniques and information related to the chosen art work. The Artist Statement below is similar to the one I sent to The Women Environmental Artists Directory Juried Membership Exhibition in the autumn of 2013.  WEAD Exhibit:  

“When the People Care” is pictured below the Artist’s Statement


Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artist Statement 


Since 1979, my art theme has been devoted to manhole covers, water covers, grates and drains. The grate works theme led me into environmental challenges: anti-litter action, water purity and water conservation.

“The Sidewalk Was Paved in Gold.” (Water is a Precious Resource, more precious than gold.)  This fiber art piece incorporates recycled hand-made paper framed with natural bamboo from Florida.  

“When the People Care,” is deeply embossed on hand made paper from re-cycled Readers’ Digests.  The cigarette butts, discarded matches and urban debris compliment my anti-litter poem. During the 1990’s C.L.E.A.N. (Committee for Litter Elimination And Neatness)  adopted spots that they beautified and kept litter free. My personal project was beautification of the grounds, anti-litter education and action in St. James, NY at The  King Kullen Supermarket Area.

Here is my poem that is incised in the art below:

                            “When the People Care”

 When the people care enough, they will not litter.

Then they will notice the beauty of clean sidewalks and streets.

There will be more pride in the environment.

When the People care enough,

When the People Care



“When the People Care,”

  The exhibit piece is floated above a textured background in a silver shadow box frame with a wide mat. 

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