Bobbi Mastrangelo won Fifth Prize on “CityScapes” sponsored by Light Space & Time Online Gallery

“Port Washington” 60″ x 40″ x 3″ sculpture relief by Bobbi Mastrangelo

I am delighted to be a prize winner in this fourth annual CityScapes Exhibition.  This competition was posted in Florida Artists Registry and theme fit my urban streets capes, so I submitted my manhole sculpture relief images.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery received 547 entries from 19 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mauritius, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom The  Ukraine and entries from 33 different states in the USA. 

Take a few moments to check out the winning artists and their websites.  Then scroll down and view the slide show of the accepted art.  I was captivated by the quality and creative interpretations of city views.

Look closely at The Port Washington sculpture. Notice the blue reflector nestled between the white road stripes:

Do you know the significance of the blue reflector?  If so, please post your answer in the comments.

“Grate wishes” to all you readers!

2 thoughts on “Bobbi Mastrangelo won Fifth Prize on “CityScapes” sponsored by Light Space & Time Online Gallery

  1. It’s a very unique cast iron manhole cover. Many countries use different manhole covers as symbol to represent sth. sth is a symbol. It means different designs on the manhole cover surface have different meanings.

    “Drain covers are not supposed to be boring circular plastic pieces covering the horrible openings which open into the hell of smell, but they are supposed to be beautiful as its design can make your location look more exquisite and beautiful.”
    Rock Yuan
    Manhole Cover Manufacturer

  2. I saw a mention of you in the Solivita May Reflections Magazine. You won 5th place in the cityscape competition! How wonderful!

    Kathy Stutzman
    Mixed Media Artist
    Solivita Artisan’s Guild

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