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Post Card Pen Pals Add to the Fun

This cartoon created by Renee E. Johnson of Minneapolis Minnesota arrived with her interactive post card for National Post Card Week.  The smiling cartoon gal is holding a water valve cover celebrating NPCW which is the first full week in May. Since 1991, I have participated in NPCW.  The post cards are from all over […]

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May 2- May 8th, 2010 National Post Card Week is celebrated during the first full week of May.  Because I am celebrating Art Carney as Ed Norton, the Undisputed King of the City Sewer System as he appeared in the famous TV cit-com The Honeymooners, ….I declare the following dedication:  My 2010 Post Card is […]

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27th National Post Card Week

Celebrates Art Carney as Ed Norton    27th National Post Card Week    Art Carney’s Ed Norton was the undisputed king of the city sewer system.  After Carney received a press release saying Mastrangelo’s 1994 exhibit of manhole art at The New York Hall of Science “would make Art Carney proud,” he penned her a personal note. […]

Story Behind the Artwork

American Pride Sculpture

The patriotic theme for National Post Card Week 2009 would be based on a new sculpture relief. After many sketches, I arrived at a satisfactory design of a patriotic manhole cover for a sidewalk scene. USA Manhole Cover Once it was completed, I set it into a durable foam piece. To look authentic, it needed […]