May 2- May 8th, 2010

National Post Card Week is celebrated during the first full week of May.  Because I am celebrating Art Carney as Ed Norton, the Undisputed King of the City Sewer System as he appeared in the famous TV cit-com The Honeymooners,

….I declare the following dedication:  My 2010 Post Card is dedicated to everyone whose work relates to sewers.  This includes the cover designers, sewer system engineers, sewer maintenence personel, sanitary engineers, public works and the manhole artists who appreciate their work.

Be sure to check out one of my favorite sites devoted to sewer covers:  Sewers of the World, Unite! It has 3052 images submitted by 233 persons from 71 countries.

NYC Sewer Cover

NYC Sewer Cover

2 thoughts on “27th NPCW DEDICATION

  1. Thanks for sharing Bobbi. How fun to have that signed card by Art Carney and thanks for mentioning the Sewers of the World, Unite! site. I may have to explain Ed Norton to Sasha and Natasha. I am not sure they know who he is. But I may be surprised!


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