General Story Behind the Art

Prayer for the Indian Iron Worker

Barefoot, tramping in hot black sand, shirtless, gleaming with sweat,  the ironworkers stand by with giant ladles to catch the molten iron spewing from the flaming furnace. The outside temperature may rise to 100 degrees.  Inside, under the gritty tin-roofed foundry in India, employees endure the additional, intense heat radiating from the furnace.  Hundreds of […]

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The Story of its Creation By Bobbi Mastrangelo I strolled across courtyard to my studio wondering what kind of background to use for my embossed print, “When the People Care?” Glancing down at the paver blocks triggered a memory: Once a strong wind had knocked over a paper frame support outside my NY Studio. The […]


Sewer History Hall of Fame

NEWS – November 2007 click image to enlarge Vestige (Charleston, SC) Vestige SC is one of her nine images featured on their Sewers in the Culture with stories about her art. PDF Article Sewers in Our Culture November 2007 – Few people think of the lowly manhole cover as art, but Bobbi Mastrangelo, a […]