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2005 Bobbi Mastrangelo’s NPCW Postcard Dedication: Atlanta Engineer’s Sewer

“Atlanta Engineer’s Sewer,” my 2005 issue for National Post Card Week, is dedicated to my Russian Friends: Alexander Kholopov and Natalie Lamanova who founded the fascinating website in Moscow entitled “Sewers of the World, Unite!”

Atlanta Engineer’s Sewer – 1984
Sculpture Relief
36″ x 48 ” x 3″

11 replies on “2005 Bobbi Mastrangelo’s NPCW Postcard Dedication: Atlanta Engineer’s Sewer”

Thank you for your NPCW Card of your manhole cover art.
It is very interesting and reminds me a lot of the art work my twin brother Jim has done. He also does NPCW cards. Would you please send him a card.
John Staub
Beaverton OR

Dear Mrs. Mastrangelo,
Received your cards and note. Really Great Cards. Interesting how much or how little color you added, but regardless of that each and everyone of them is simply beautiful.
Everyone I showed them to liked them and no wonder.
I hope you continue to do well with your post cards and grate art work.
Rudi Rubberoid
International Union of Mail Artists
Bellingham WA

Thanks for the post cards of your very intriguing art work. I have photographed found objects in the streets from my bike rides for years, so I dig the street art you are integrating.
Jim Staub
Pasadena CA

In 2004 I sent you a NPCW Card celebrating the Mars’ Rover’s “Opportunity and Spirit”…sending home pictures from their vacation.
I work in the Photo Department at Cal Tech. Wouldn’t we love to collect some things on Mars and make art from them.
Jim Staub
NPCW Pen Pal
Pasadena CA

Dear Jim Staub,

Would you believe that I had already written a story in the late 1990’s about my art work going to Mars in 2037. That would be 100 years after my birthday, so the person delivering my Manhole Art to the Red Planet would be my Granddaughter.

The Story is entitled “Mars Adventure 2037” and the occasion in The Inter-Galactic Cultural Exchange.

Would you like a copy of the story?

“Grate wishes!”
Bobbi Mastrangelo

Dear Bobbi,
What a really “Sweet Letter!” Thanks for the assortment of post cards. I appreciated your lovely 2002 Irish Blessing and “The Lucky Buck” that came with it. I was feeling kind of down when I got your letter. But things changed for the better right way. Wonderful post card.
The Cheektowaga Times article about you was quite fascinating. Definitely “The Road Less Traveled. Good for you! I was amused by everything matching in green: green ink and shamrock stickers, too in your Irish Blessing Envelope.
I hope you don’t mind one more note back.
Thanks again,
Rudi Ruberoid
Artists Trading Cards

Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for sending me your sewer cover post card and article on your art exhibit. Your unique art is most interesting and I enjoy trading post cards with you.
Sharon and David Damkear
NPCW Theme: Pets
Monroe WA

Dear Bobbi,
What a great grate design you used for NPCW 2005. It’s truly amazing how you can bring out the beauty in a piece of wrought iron.
A Copy of The Cheektowaga Times article about you was filed along with your ’05 card and I have just re-read it. I find it interesting that your propensity for making circles led to such an uncommon field of art. You have probably reflected on that also. It has certainly worked for you and I’m glad that you’ve shared your talent with others.
Your manhole designs are decidedly unique. I am eager to see what manhole art you will use for 2006.
In admiration,
Shirley S. Montgomery
NPCW Pen Pal
Morrison IL

Dear Bobbi

I just got the postcards (limited edition!) and enjoy seeing
the work in a little more detail.
I really like the ones like “Vestige SC” and “Gaz” and “Buckeye”
that have the textured roadways around them.
I’ve always had a thing for cracks in the road.

We’re glad to have you in the “Hall of Fame.”
I’ll be putting it on the November Highlight.

Jan Mc Donald, Webmaster

Tuesday October 30, 2007 7:15 PM

Dear Bobbi

My name is Kim Manton and I am a CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Coordinator of the “Keep Sewage Treatment Public” campaign in Victoria,British Columbia Canada.
Due to my involvement in the sewage issue here in Victoria I have found myself learning about things I didn’t’ t know existed only a year ago…sewer art is definitely one of those things. I am not even sure how I came across this but I am seriously blown away your sewer art is truly beautiful.

The first site I came across was called Manhole Art, I tried to contact them through their site but it seems to be disconnected from the server. The reason I first contacted them was that they had t-shirts and postcards on their site which, as someone who recently called herself “sewage girl” to an audience of activists, this seems intriguing.

I really liked the idea of “wearing” sewer art as I stand in front of people who generally turn their noses up at me when I mention sewage (though I must admit I do win them over with the issue – and my charmJ). I also represent CUPE members who work in water and wastewater here in Victoria and I think it would be an interesting way to get their attention (sewage isn’t sexy so it is tough to get them engaged – Sewer Art is sexy…!)

I realize that it is unlikely that you have t-shirts with images of your art or put out postcards – and I totally hope that I am not offending you at the idea of it – but I am wondering if it would be possible to maybe get a print or something…? I like the idea of introducing something completely new to the public as I go about my journey educating them about why we need to keep sewage treatment owned, operated and managed by the public dollar (the message in a nutshell).

If you could point in the right direction (if there is one) I would so appreciate it.

Thanks for your time and have a happy day,


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