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Read About the Indian Ironworker

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India – The New York Times  by Heather Timmons and J Adam Huggins. Published Nov. 26 2007. Read this article to gain insight into the production of the manhole covers we drive over or walk on.

 Pod Cast “From the ladles of Molten Metal”  Vivid photos of the bare chested Indian Iron Worker working with molten iron, etc. This two minute fifty-three second pod cast narrated by J. Adam Huggins is definitely worth your time. Adam has been living in India for the past five years.  This photo jounralist delivers a great story on the whole molding process.  His amazing photos of the foundry process and the workers involved are so artful that one can almost see and feel the flames and see the steam rising.  Share your comments on this pod cast, please.

One reply on “Read About the Indian Ironworker”

Dear Bobbi-Mom,

Good stuff. I watched the video.

My company outsources a lot of work to India.
Their definition of acceptable work conditions differs drastically from ours.

Congrats. I hope it results in some extra press for your work.
Personally, I need to find an easier way to achieve Nirvana.
Your son-in-law,

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