Manhole Mania: Favorites from October Manhole Madness

In my last blog I introduced Michelle Ward's Ambitious Project October Manhole Madness 2016. Every day of the month featured a different manhole marvel. If you have time to peruse the 31 day Manhole Cover Theme, you will be captivated (by the caps and covers of course.) Here are some of my favorite features:

October 4th:


I was happy to see the inclusion of Mimi Melnick's Book "Manhole Covers" with photos by her husband Robert. For several decades Mimi and I were cheerleaders for each other's work.




I also enjoyed Kim Christiansen's Rubbings. He enhances his rubbings with dynamic, colorful additions. You can view his works at Kim and I were both featured in Modern Casting Magazine (Sept. 2010) Artists: Bobbi Mastrangelo & Kim Christiansen “SHAKEOUT: From Streets to Galleries,” page 56.


Ildiko-lLszlo Manhole Cover Diveway

Ildiko-lLszlo Manhole Cover Diveway


October 12th: Ildiko Laszlo's Industrial Photos are impressive.

She has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Budapest (where she was born) and Italy over time, each place and culture adding color to my photographic palette. She loves light and has a insatiable curiosity for mystery and the enchanting. Her California residence, has a driveway constructed with stonework and found iron lids of all shapes from scrapyards. The adjacent retaining walls are ornamented with tile, glass, and every kind of brick.




Oct. 15th: Features Michelle Ward's Stencils


Oct. 16: Russ Muits has been on the hunt for nearly ten years – finding great covers and taking prints from them Storm Print City. He also created a collection of goods that benefit the children of Flint. Water cover prints turn around and give back to improve water in an area that has been traumatized. http://Prints for Flint

Russ-Muits-Storm-Print-City Russ Muits Flint Print Products
russ-muits-storm-print-city Flint Print Products

Oct. 22 : City Shields by Louise Levergneux

City Shields by Louise Levergneux

City Shields by Louise Levergneux is a photographic documentation that takes the viewer on a walking journey through the urban streets of various Canadian, Scottish and American cities. This work collects souvenirs of travelled cities around the world using manhole covers to depict exploration of geographical locations along the artist's life journey.





Oct. 23 Cover Girl: Bobbi Mastrangelo Bobbi Post Card Albums
Michelle Ward generously covered almost every aspect of my manhole art from post cards to prints to sculpture:



Post Card Book: “Grate Works” by Bobbi Mastrangelo



Oct 26:  Dwight Pritchett  Dwight refers to his rubbings as "lifts.”  That is a new term for us, but that is what they are.  Dwight makes the impression of a cover with conte crayon on canvas.  Then he returns to his studio to complete the original “Lift.”
He says he takes inspiration from the lighting, surrounding color and environment to finish the composition. Some of his titles tell you exactly what time he was on the streets.  He tells the story better – see it here: Pritchett has been invited to contribute his story and photos on “Grate Thoughts,” Soon we will learn more about his fascinating art.

Dwight Pritchett: Dwight Pritchett:   The Sister Bridges at 6:00 AM
Dwight Pritchett Dwight Pritchett: The Sister Bridges at 6:00 AM

Michele Brody’s Assay CoverOct. 28 Michele Brody is a mixed media installation artist.  Michele is a manhole cover designer too! Recovering the City Scape is a public art project that recognizes lost New York City history, specifically buildings which no longer exist. Special cast covers, designed by Michele which reference architectural details of these buildings, will be placed near their locations.  Michele Brody's historically oriented project begins with one unique cover designed to reference the former Assay Office.
Day 28 Read about Michele Brody’s Tours! of  NY Underfoot and her Urban Illuminations based on manhole covers: 

Michele Brody’s Assay Cover



Oct. 31 The Conclusion of October Manhole Madness:

Thanks to Michelle Ward for a fascinating topic explored in depth. Your readers love circles + pattern. They loved observing the differences and similarities in the common objects you championed

Thanks Michelle for also including Alexander Kholopov’s Artistamps based on manhole covers on Day 31. You may read more about him on my memorial tribute:

Alexander Kholopov The Best Sewerage for the Best People,
1996 Artistamp Series
Alexander Kholopov The Best Sewerage for the Best People, 1996 Artistamp Series

Some of you may enjoy checking out every day of October Manhole Madness 2016.  You can always find in in Michelle Ward’s Archives.

Both Michelle and her participants would love your comments on her blog. Feel free to add your favorites on this blog also.

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