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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s First On-Line Interview

Inverview by Sam Edsill


Celebration Water

Art. Environment. Interview.

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Thanx for sharing your First On-Line Interview.
I learned a lot about you.
All very creative and informative.
God is in the details too.

I appreciate knowing you and having your friendship.
You were fortunate to have a fine family and teachers too

Fernando Valverde

I really enjoyed the interesting interview! You certainly are an extraordinary talent!
I was especially interested in reading about the people who influenced you.
How nice that you met your art teacher again later!! Great story!!
Sharon Kelly

Hi Bobbi,
Great interview in MentalContagion…I’m glad your art teacher made it to your show
and you got the last word in, so to speak.

Sally Rose (Member of Friends of Dard Hunter)
Paper Artist, Book Artist etc.

Hello Bobbi,

Grate interview and have a grate day.

Amnon Tishler (Your bookstore friend who finds you everything on Langston Hughes)
Booklovers Paradise
2972A Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY 11710
516-221-0994 11AM-6PM
516-579-2848 After 8PM

I loved your on line show. The pieces are wonderful and I
especially like “Celestial Cover”.
Emalee Andre
NAWA member

Beautiful interview, your work looks spectacular.
All good things to you & Al.
Eleanor Meier
(Water Color Artist Member of NAWA)

Hi Bobbi

Kudos and blessings
I must say as a kid growing up in Greenpoint ,Brooklyn-and playing in the streets I was struck by the art and year of what we called “manhole covers”-but unlike you I remained an amateur-a looker- we are each given gifts and talents to serve each for the glory of God
Peace to you and Al

Hello Bobbi,
Thank you for all your news. You do a wonderful job of sending information and organizing publicity.
It must take a great deal of time and you are still so productive. That is really a feat!
All the best
NAWA colleague

Very nice interview and illustrations, Bobbi. Learned more about you
than most other published articles provided.
Thanks for sending.


Loved your interview, and I’m glad all turned out well. Critics make mistakes far more often that they would like to admit. I’m sure you derive much pleasure and a sense of accomplishment from your work, and simple joy in the creation of something beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez
Class Mate (Maryvale Class of 1955)

Bobbi…this is a terrific interview. I learned a great deal about manhole covers and it is very interesting. The one thing I couldn’t find was your “Power of Four” piece. I love the story about how you became inspired and your art teacher’s comments. It was great to prove him wrong.

In marketing the key is to find a space that no one occupies and then you will be unique and not be competing with many others including “the so called best”.
I think you have something special however the piece that may be missing is the story behind the covers (I didn’t realize how special they were until I read this piece).
I think the more you get the story out and tell people that they were originally a piece of art with exceptional craftsmanship, the more they will realize how unique and “artful” your work is.
Keep plugging and someday you will be famous…
Your Brother-in-law

Dear Viewers regarding : Treasured Advice

This is why I treasure my brother-in-law Ange Mastrangelo’s advice.
Of course, I would probably appreciate his wisdom anyway,
but his family is very proud of this honor he recenty achieved.
America’s Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs –
Top professors nominated by Fortune Magazine for Small Business
Read about: Angelo Mastrangelo, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Binghamton University

Happy Reading,
Bobbi (Mrs. Alfred Mastrangelo)

Dear Bobbi,

I read with great interest the interview you did with Mr. Edsill.
Much of what you told him I already knew, but there were also some
surprises. Your mention of your parents and sister brought back some
wonderful memories of our youthful days.

I miss you and Al and hope we can arrange a meeting soon.

Joe Mc Auley

Hi Bobbi,
Congratulations on your interview!!!!!! You must feel pleased about it. I learned more about your Art Life than I had known before.!!!!

I do agree with your Brother-in-Law, Ange! I had not considered this as I know the background of the pieces that I have and I love telling to others what I know about your works. However, as I thought, I do know all of the info behind all of my art work here. They all have a story and I love explaining the meaning behind all of my art. I do have work from several artists and asked about the work when I purchased them since I did buy them from the artist. So Brother-in-Law has a point!!!!! I wish that I had thought about it!!!!!

Your Web page has taken you so many directions!!! You must feel pleased with this exposure. I am pleased for you!!!!!

’til later,


Grate Job!

So is everything going down there in retirement land?
I am glad that you are not just sitting on that proverbial
rocking chair. I have some non-rocking chair retirement plans also.

I am about to open a bed and breadkfast at the house I have been living in.
“Aunt Betty’s Bed and Breakfast” the sign will read,
“clean and comfy not fancy schmancy”

So let me know if you need lodging in the area. I am still open to barter…

At your service.

By there way. the dining room of my bed and breakfast is completely
done with Bobbi art. it looks so nice, so just for that alone you need to stay here.

At your service,

Very nice mom! For your info…the October issue of Mental Contagion is up
and you have been archived. I did find you, though.
Your Son, Mike

Good advice from your brother-in-law Angelo Mastrangelo.
You are doing it. Getting your work out there and spreading
the word about Grate Works!!!
Love you,
Your Sister, Judie

Dear Bobbi Mastrangelo,

Thanks for letting us know about your great website! I love your artwork — it is beautifully textured and very original, and you appreciate manhole covers as much as they deserve! I hope I get a chance sometime to see it in person.
May we add some info about you in our “Sewers in the Culture” section particularly. Would it be okay to post a small group of thumbnails and linked images to draw people in? I think they often go past our links unless I can put something to catch the eye. I would link each one to your website, and include a short bio taken from your website. You could make any changes to it you want.
Jan McDonald Webmaster
Pima County Wastewater Management Dept.
Tucson, AZ 85701

The interview was very well done and your new work is better than ever.
Brett and Trish proudly keep your wedding gift piece hung in the hallway
by their front door. We have one of your waterworks hung in our guest
bathroom and another piece on the hallway bookshelves. They are a
constant reminder of our friendship.

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you both again. Until then, we
hope you are both in the best of health.


Dear Bobbi,

I have posted a section about your work at
Let me know if there’s anything you want changed.

Thanks again for letting us know about your work and
the interview. It’s a great addition to our culture section.

We have a “Highlights” section on our front page and
I will make this the highlight next month, November 2007.

Jan McDonald web master

Dear Bobbi Mastrangelo,
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