Story Behind the Art

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Creation of “Florida Citrus 467-1”

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s
Creation of  “Florida Citrus 467-1”

I purchased oranges from Florida Growers, studied the orange rind texture, saved seeds and the stem ends. I carved oranges from Styrofoam Balls.

FloridaCitrus467-1 FloridaCitrus467-1b

For the growth cycle, I needed to incorporate seeds,and represent sunlight, soil and water.

FloridaCitrus467-1c FloridaCitrus467-1d FloridaCitrus467-1e

A fluorescent tube installed behind the Water Grate represented Sunlight. The grate openings were camouflaged with Japanese Ink Float Paper. Notice that the “W” stands for Water. Steve Monser  (a Professional Glass Blower) created the perfect Glass Water Drops.

FloridaCitrus467-1f FloridaCitrus467-1g FloridaCitrus467-1h


FloridaCitrus467-1i FloridaCitrus467-1j

An orange crate was torn apart for the sidepieces. Holes were carved in many areas to let light shine out and down on the “Water Drops” and Oranges.


“Florida Citrus 467-1”
Mixed Media Sculpture Relief : 21” x 13” x 5.5”


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