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This is another excerpt from my autobiography:

I had never known a person who was one hundred years old. Our Church Newsletter was celebrating Mr. T. Edward Ellis whose 100th birthday would be on December 31, 1986. I was hoping to find someone who would work with me on some sort of tribute. But to no avail.

On Dec. 30, I was at the Medicine Shoppe when I heard the name T. Edward Ellis called out. His daughter, Dorothea from California was picking up his medicine. I told her about my idea to make a celebration sign. She smiled and said:

“Pops would love that!”

The next morning I got out a heavy duty large piece of  white vinyl cloth. I painted a two sided proclamation: one side to face the street and the other to be read from indoors. Each Side said :

The St. James Hamlet Celebrates

 The 100th Birthday of T. Edward Ellis.

December 31, 1886 – December 31, 1986

The black letters were almost dry when I headed over to Sixth Street. Snow was softly falling as I draped the sign over their fence and added a string of colored lights attached to an extension cord. I rang the doorbell asking where to plug in the extension cord.  While the colored lights began to glow,  I was invited indoors. Dorothea led me to the table that displayed celebratory proclamations of Mr Ellis’s 100th birthday by many important officials.

I was invited to visit often. For almost two years,  Mr. Ellis and I had many marvelous discussions. I was half his age, but I loved spending time with Pops, and he enjoyed my company too.

I was so glad that I took the time to celebrate an amazing man on his 100th birthday.  The whole story will be published in my autobiography.

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