Bobbi Mastrangelo’s triptych, “Da Gracia Por Agua,” in Hispanic Exhibition


Bobbi Mastrangelo’s triptych, “Da Gracia Por Agua,” is in the Hispanic Heritage Month Art Exhibition at Orange County Administration Center Oct. 2 – Oct. 31, 2023.

I am probably the only non-Hispanic Artist participating in this event. Then why did I choose to enter this competition? Here in central Florida, the Spanish culture is all around us. I love learning about other languages and cultures.  I can speak beginner’s Spanish and I enjoy the verbal exchange with Hispanic Speaking people.

Da Gracias Por Agua” is a departure from my usual manhole and water cover art. with an Aztec Influence for the design on the covers.

”With water protection and conservation in mind, I celebrate Los Cuatros Elementos, the four elements: earth, air, water and fire as the centerpiece.


The left water font has an inscription inspired by Jorge Argueta: “Water is the Blood of Mother Earth.”






The right piece is influenced by the famous Water Researcher, Masaru Emoto,

“Water is a Blessing.”



Exhibit Location:

Orange County Administration Center

201 S. Rosalind Ave.

Orlando FL 32801



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Muy buen heco ! Thank all who have reminded us that “water is a blessing “. One only needs to make a list of how water is a critical part of our existence both physical and spiritual .
Thank you God !

Awesome, awesome, my dear cousin. I am so thrilled that you still have the ability to do your artwork. BTW. How old are you now??

Bobbi, these are beautiful and so are YOU!! I love the explanations of each piece. So proud of you. Love, little Sis, Claire

Dear Bobbi, it’s wonderful what you are doing, I love your new sculptures.
Congratulations to your indomitable spirit.
I am reading this in Lübeck, Germany, am thrilled to hear from you.
Visiting family, friends and country.

Hello Bobbi from up North! Your current exhibit, so aptly titled “Da Gracia Por Aqua” now in the Hispanic Heritage Exhibition, is a boon to the display, even as only seen via courtesy of the internet.

It’s good to learn of your continued recovery through the Exhibits you put together, from time to time, (still with the circular theme you so like) and your reasoning for each purpose..

All the best to you,

Dearest Bobbi~
Your creativity still knows no boundaries. We have loved every piece of work that you have created from “Picasso style self-portrait until the present works.
So thrilled to be your “SEESTER” love, Harry & Lois

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