Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Post Card Albums In Yorktown NY Museum Archives

The York Yorktown Museum in New York now houses my post card collections in their archives.



Bobbi Mastrangelo and Her NPCW Post Card Collection

In 2015 I affiliated with American Art Collector who published 1,000 post cards of each artist's work each year.  From 1991 to 2015, I had been sending, saving and filing post cards related to National Post Card Week (NPCW).  After 24 years, I decided to donate my collections and concentrate on my art career. Post Card Enthusiasts and Deltiologists will be able to view the whole collection at The Yorktown NY Museum: 


You are welcome to receive Free Post Cards from my older collection or American Art Collector Post Cards.  Send a SASE for Four Free Cards or two stamps for Eight Free Post Cards.  E-mail me for my address:  Many of these post cards cards are still available:

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