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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Florida Citrus 467-1” Makes History

Florida Citrus 467-1 deeded to Orange County Regional History Center
“Florida Citrus 467-1” deeded to Orange County Regional History Center of Orlando Florida


On May 3, 2017, my mixed media sculpture went to its new home at Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando Florida. Now "Florida Citrus 467-1" has additional numbers.  Its Official Accession Number is #2017.016.





 Many of my creations have interesting stories of the challenges I encountered.  Our Florida Artists' Registry Members were invited to exhibit at Orlando Museum of Art's First Thursday. I took the exhibit title "Florida Grown" literally. It had to have ORANGES.  It had to relate to the growing processing production: suggesting or incorporating seeds, dirt,  sun and water.          


Do they Look Like Real Oranges?
Styrofoam into Oranges Do they Look Like Real Oranges?

The "Sunlight" behind the Water Cover was a Fluorescent Bulb with a plug in cord. Location of an outlet dictated my sculpture's placement at the Florida Grown Exhibit. So my little sculpture was dwarfed on a panel centered between two giant abstract canvases by the same artist.  To top it off, I don't think there was another artist who addressed the theme of Florida Grown, except that the art works were "Grown in Florida."  

“Florida Citrus 467-1” is out of place..wrong space.

The placement of "Florida Citrus 467-1"  was So Disappointing.


My "Florida Citrus 467-1" received special attention at The Mills Pond House Members Exhibition in St. James NY. Alison Cruz displayed it on a sculpture stand so it was the focus of the room. I am still very fond of the Smithtown Township Arts Council where I showed some of  my earliest works.


In one  return shipment, the Fluorescent Bulb was smashed. The damaged corded light fixture was removed.  A battery operated LED Fixture replaced it, which is now operated by remote.  This offered a bright solution for placing the sculpture in future exhibitions.


Florida Citrus on exhibit at Orlando's History Center Whitney Broadaway, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Pam Schwartz at The History Center
Florida Citrus 467-1  on Exhibit at Orlando's History Center with an Ideal Placement.
 It was an honor to exhibit at the History Center. The staff is amazing and the museum itself is a Treasure.
Whitney Broadaway, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Pam Schwartz at The History Center. 


Looking back, taking the title Florida Grown literally actually caused me to expand my horizons. My work was more colorful. I studied and ate Florida Grown Oranges, observed the rind and saved the stem ends and seeds for my mixed media creation.

Glass “Water Drops” by Steve Monser

Parts of an official orange crate were used for the side panels.  I contacted Steve Monser, the Glass blower and commissioned water drops.  To Steve  Monser: "Together, You and I are making History!"

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