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If We Only Have Love, We Can Melt all the Guns

My Wish for 2008 is for Love, Understanding and Peace Among Nations of Our World.  My husand Al and I sang “If We Only Have Love” with the Solivita  “Guys and Dolls Chorus” in their December 2007 Concert. One verse from Jacques Brel’s “If We Only Have Love” brought to mind a recycling project I had read about a […]

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Read About the Indian Ironworker

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India – The New York Times  by Heather Timmons and J Adam Huggins. Published Nov. 26 2007. Read this article to gain insight into the production of the manhole covers we drive over or walk on.  Pod Cast “From the ladles of Molten Metal”  Vivid photos of the bare chested Indian […]