Most of the art works in Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Gallery are available for Exhibition. Arrangements can be made to visit the artist’s studio to see more examples of her art.



2019 “Grate Works of Art”

(solo exhibition)

The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Grante Works Bobbbi

2016-2017 “Plastics Undercover”- “Grate Works of Art”

(Complimentary Solo Exhibit)

Orlando FL History Center

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s work was chosen for an environmentally- focused local art exhibit to coincide with “Plastics Unwrapped.”

This was a traveling exhibit out of the Burke Museum in Seattle that discusses the history and application of plastic materials and also their impacts on the environment.

Many of Mastrangelo’s creations are constructed from layers of poly-styrene or adapted from recycled foam shipping containers.

Grate Logo by Cindy Merithew

2016 “Sight Unseen: Touchable Sculpture” (Juried Group Show) Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park FL

“Mastrangelo’s”Con Edison Concert” promoted Appreciation of Electricity through the fun experience of touching the buttons, hearing, and feeling the various components incorporated along the sides. These included: a musical doorbell, an LED light, switches, an outlet and three play back recordings of electricity trivia.

“City of Orlando”
Who is Known for Lighting Up Our World?

2014 “Best of the Best”

Nine Winning artists From Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Programs

The Mayor’s Gallery,

3rd Floor at Orlando City Hall

from June 14- September 19, 2014.

Orlando City Hall

June 2014 “Best of the Best”

Orlando FL Museum of Art First Thursdays Group exhibit of the year’s Best of Show Winners Orlando Museum of Art, FL

Three Sewer Hitter

May 2014 “Inside 52GA-R”

Mastrangelo’s “ “Inside 52GA-R” won BEST of SHOW at Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Exhibit.

”Inside 52GA-R”

2013 “Manhole Messages”

(solo exhibition)

% Islip Art Museum

at Mac Arthur Airport, Ronkonkoma, NY

Manhole Messages

2011 ” Water Works”

(solo exhibition, Mastrangelo’s water cover sculptures and prints)

Toho Water Authority Kissimmee FL

"Water Works" Being Installed by Whitney Broadaway

2003 Mastrangelo’s “Grate Works”

(solo exhibition)

Toast Gallery Port Jefferson, NY

Port Jefferson Cover # 197- 1984


(solo exhibition)

Baltimore Public Works Museum

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Grate Works” Exhibit at Baltimore Public Works Museum in 1996


(juried group exhibition)

Hamilton College Clinton, NY

Save Water

1994 Manhole Covers Invitational

NY Hall of Science Corona NY

Bobbi Mastrangelo

1994 “City Views”

(curated group exhibition)

Staller Center for the Arts Stony Brook NY

Con Edison Maintenance

1989 “Hazardous Waste Site ”

Ouudoor Sculpture Now (juried group exhibition) Islip NY Art Museum

Hazardous Waste Site