“The Cover Girl” is a “Grate Lady”

“Cover Girl”.

No this artist is not in the fashion business! But she models her prints and sculptures on iron utility covers. What an unusual theme! That’s why some reporters gave her that name. Her prints on
hand-made paper with deeply embossed metallic water covers and gas covers are jewel-like mandalas.  She transforms manhole covers, sewers and grates into artistic streetscapes. These
sculpture relief works appear so realistic that viewers wonder how she could even lift them to hang on the wall.

“The Grate Works” have won many awards and are in prominent museum and water authority collections. The artist is a member of The National Association of Women Artists and is listed in The Marquis’s   “Who’s Who in American Art”, etc. Her achievements in art and the environment garnered her an Alumni “Hall of Fame” and Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Awards.

Her art documents the intricate
designs of early covers, calling for conservation and protection of our water supplies and precious resources.

Yes! That is why other writers prefer calling her “The Grate Lady!”.