Story Behind the Artwork

Three Sewers = A Home Run in Stickball

Three Sewers (Stickball Tribute) Mastrangelo’s sculpture relief 34″ x 30 ” x 4″ ABOUT STICKBALL:  Stickball was a game that turned the landscape of the city street into an asphalt field of dreams for kids who wanted to play baseball nearby.  An old broom handle morphed into a bat, manhole covers and car tires became Read More …

Grate Spring Sculpture

Grate Spring

Grate Spring Tribute to Brian Mahoney Brian inspired me with his creative Horticultural Concepts and surprised me with “Tete-a-Tete” Daffodils blooming up through my garden grate. click any image to enlarge   Brian commissioned a simulation of a Cleveland Electric Illumination Company Utility Cover for me. ( I was born in Ohio) He also had Read More …

Act of War

“Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”

Story by the Artist Download/Print PDF “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism!” was actually created using thick pillow foam. Cutting the pillow foam was easy. But covering the soft foam grate and its support rim was a challenge. It was tricky and sticky. Fitting the material over curved edges required many cuts, plenty of fabric glue Read More …


Creation of “Florida Citrus 467-1”

I purchased oranges from Florida Growers, studied the orange rind texture, saved seeds and the stem ends. I carved oranges from Styrofoam Balls. For the growth cycle, I needed to incorporate seeds,and represent sunlight, soil and water. A fluorescent tube installed behind the Water Grate represented Sunlight. The grate openings were camouflaged with Japanese Ink Float Paper. Read More …

Briscover China

The Marvels of Manhole Covers

The Marvels of Manhole Covers  (A Guest Contribution) Stacked Manhole Covers at Briscover Factory  in Changsha China Sewer Covers are metal or concrete plates that cover the manholes. These days, they tend to be made from a combination of concrete and cast iron in order for them to be affordable yet sturdy. They are normally circular Read More …


The Creation of “City of Orlando”

Why I created the Sculpture Relief: “City of Orlando.” download a PDF of this story Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Competition for January 5, 2012 was entitled “Sculpture, the Ultimate Process.” Remembering the brick pavers surrounding the Orlando Museum of Art, I thought, “Why not enter the competition with a streetscape scene from the Read More …


Decorative Sculptures

Acquedotto My decorative relief sculptures evolved due to the discovery of three elegant Kuliche Frames replicating rare Museum Period Frames.  What treasures!  They were works of art in themselves. Their gilded antique sculpted forms reminded me of the frames I had seen in the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence.  I had no idea how I could Read More …

Baltimore Public Works Art Move

Art Dilemma Or Baltimore Public Works Museum To the Rescue

What to do with the myriad of artwork I had created and manhole cover paraphernalia I had collected? That was one of my biggest problems to solve. We were moving from a spacious home with two studios to a townhouse with a small studio. If I did not find a solution, some of my largest Read More …

Great Wall Medallion - 1984

Great Wall Medallion

Great Wall Medallion   An artistic monogram on a NYC manhole cover inspired the incorporation of Oriental Calligraphy. The symbols have a universal message of hope and aspirations for life. Chinese monosyllabic translation was chosen because it was brief and would fit around the circumference. All the symbols and letters were carved backwards into the Read More …

American Pride

American Pride Sculpture

The patriotic theme for National Post Card Week 2009 would be based on a new sculpture relief. After many sketches, I arrived at a satisfactory design of a patriotic manhole cover for a sidewalk scene. USA Manhole Cover Once it was completed, I set it into a durable foam piece. To look authentic, it needed Read More …


Tribute to Iris Fiorvante.

Iris was a very talented artist whose work I admired when my career began. Her abstract expressionist style garnered many awards at prestigious exhibitions on Long Island, NY in the 1980’s. She died too young. But her work lives on. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a piece of her art: a dynamic little pastel Read More …


“Irish Blessing” (Ballinasloe Water Cover)

Story by the Artist My young friend, Helen Anne Gately, gave me reference material on The Ballinasloe Water Valve Cover located on a sidewalk near her Father’s hometown in Ireland.  Not only did it feature a handsome Celtic Pattern, but it also had the Gaelic Word for Water, “Uisce”. Wear’ in of the Green and Read More …

Bobbi Creating Hazard Waste Site

Hazard Waste Site

Story by the Artist Bobbi Creating “Hazardous Waste Site” One of my most unique challenges was creating a “Hazardous Waste Site” visually warning viewers to protect our water supply. The “Outdoor Sculpture Now” exhibition on the grounds of The Islip Museum provided the perfect installation spot. I knew I could use the water supply cover Read More …


WHEN? – The Story of its Creation

By Bobbi Mastrangelo I strolled across courtyard to my studio wondering what kind of background to use for my embossed print, “When the People Care?” Glancing down at the paver blocks triggered a memory: Once a strong wind had knocked over a paper frame support outside my NY Studio. The very damp sheet of handmade Read More …

Bobbi Doing a Rubbing

Rubbings of Manhole and Water Covers

Instructions by the Artist PDF of these instructions Materials: Aquaba rubbing paper, butcher paper, brown wrapping paper or any durable paper, rubbing block or primary crayons (peel off paper wrapping) brush, masking tape, film and camera.     1. FIND AN INTERESTING COVER DESIGN. 2. WRITE DOWN THE STREET ADDRESS AND CITY AND COUNTRY 3. Read More …