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Bobbi Mastrangelo
EMail: [email protected]


Bobbi Mastrangelo has participated in variety of challenging themes. Her “Grate Works” covered such topics as anti-litter, environmental protection, grates, grids and manhole covers, water purity and conservation, city views, art of the mundane and art happenings.

With advance planning, you and the artist could create an unusual and fascinating exhibition.

For more information and inspiration, see: Exhibitions.


Metropolitan Cover - 1997

The Grate Works” can add interest to almost any room. (For instance “Metropolitan Cover” is mounted above a leather sofa. It never fails to capture attention:
How did you ever get that up on the wall?
May I touch it?
That’s my favorite!

Check the decorator possibilities in the Gallery, or contact the artist to commission a new work related to her theme.


You too may own a “Grate Work” and enjoy the attention such an unusual theme garners. Note the prominent collections in the Resume. Some of the small relief sculptures are still available.

You may also contact the artist by e-mail regarding available art works or about a commission to create a customized “Grate Work of Art.".




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