“Tis the Season for Giving

Drew's Painting

It is the season for giving but what is really heart warming about this painting by a second grader is that he initiated this thank you picture all by himself after he and his little sister received our  surprise package of gifts for the Thanksgiving season. Here is what our grandson wrote:


Dear Nona and Papa,

Thank you for those that Masterpiece of Surprises.


Drew and Noelle

A photo of Drew and his American Flag Painting are on this blog:  Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Grandson Drew’s Flag for Veterans’ Day 2010

4 Responses to ““Tis the Season for Giving”

  1. Allyson Johanson Says:

    Very nice website.

  2. Rosie Collins Says:

    Dear Bobbi
    Your grandchildren, Drew and Sophia, seem to be inspired by your artworks, which in itself is a great compliment to a Grandma.

  3. Marilyn Abt Says:

    Marilyn Abt Says:

    Your New Years Blog articles were fun to read. It Looks as if you may have budding artists in your family! Sophia has several fun ideas in her art work and Drew shows a thoughtful side. Thanks for these.

  4. Sophia (your cousin) Says:

    Hey Drew nice picture. I like how you were so creative with all of the colors!!!!

    Sophia (your cousin)

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