Mastrangelo’s Art On Exhibit in St. James NY Dec. 14 – Jan.10, 2014

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

December 14- January 10, 2014

Mills Pond House Gallery

660 Route 25  A

St. James   New York  11780 USA

The Smithtown Township Arts Council (STAC) is one of my favorite arts organizations, so I have maintained my membership, even though I live in Florida and cannot attend its functions. This year I sent my fourth Miniature Sculpture in the environmental series of Water Conservation and Protection.


You can view all the images and read some background on “Water and the X- Factor” on my blog.  Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » “Water and The X-Factor” miniature sculpture by Bobbi Mastrangelo

If you do get to see the exhibit Dec. 14 – Jan. 10th, please post your comments below.

“Water and The X-Factor” miniature sculpture by Bobbi Mastrangelo

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

WATER and METER intersected at right angles with the T in the middle. Why water is at the crossroads of our lives I thought as I gazed at the water valve cover.  And that was my working theme as I began my fourth miniature sculpture.

But after watching Simon Cowell’s music competition, The X-Factor, ideas began spinning about Water and the X-Factor for my sculpture. All living things owe their Existence to water.

Front and Top View

 This little sculpture is only 6.5″ high including the cover.  Planning and fore-thought are needed for the components to resonate and to fit under the cover. Below are the other three views seen when rotating the sculpture. 

This sculpture has a clear glass cover on all sides except the back, which has an inside mirror reflecting  children in the water.

WATER & The X-FACTOR (back of cover)

The foam core backing piece is frosted with wood filler which was dampened so I could carve the words:

EXISTENCE:  Animals, Plants


EXALTATION:  Rivers, Oceans

EXIGENCY: Save, Protect (Our Waters)

 WATER and EXISTENCE, raised letters in the shape of an X are sandwiched between frosted plexiglass.

What are your thoughts on Water and the X-Factor? You may even have some “X” words to contribute.  Please share your comments.

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